Monday, September 28, 2009

Connected, again!

I'm finally connected to the internet. My house has internet. I have internet. We have internet. Connected. Reconnected to the world, thank you!
I had to wait two and a half weeks. Crazy eh? Guess we have technician shortage here in the DC area. Any way, as of this past Saturday we had our FiOs cable and internet installed. Somehow the tech guy managed to have the order incorrect and did not have our phone connection listed on his job list.....gonna have to wait a few more days for our house phone. The blackberry can continue to hold the fort down until then.

As we begin to settle here, I have found myself making connections with old friends. Whether through our children's play dates, on the phone or in the grocery store, it is starting to happen. This helps tremendously with the transition and is a sign that we are beginning to take root. It does feel good.

Boy am I exhausted.
It is as if for the past year and a half I have been on the fight or flight mode, I've kept my head above water, barely and now that we have found our spot and are taking root and slowing down, my system is starting to shut down. I am in need of some kind of retreat, full of self nurturing, a tune-up. Where I can reflect, acknowledge, make plans, sleep a lot, do yoga, eat well, and move on and forward. This is something I am starting to look into and will make an asserted effort to do even if for a night away. I need this.

This past week showed signs of routine! Henry is in his new school. and he is really happy to be making friends and creating new relationships. Maestra Samantha, is one of his teachers with whom he has created a special bond. She cuddles with him a lot. This is a very good place for him and am so happy we found it. On the 21st his class is going to go to Butlers Farm in Maryland to pick pumpkins and apples. I've taken the day off so that I can be a chaperon. So excited about going!

As for the work front, I am keeping busy and enjoying teaching tremendously. There is much going on at the moment. From establishing the class calendars, to finalizing all the marketing...waiting waiting on others is VERY hard. The graphic designer is very talented and has loads on his books, but it is very hard to wait for him to complete things like business cards, to web pages and postcards. It is hard to market the business without these things. YIKES!

This past Friday I went to an excellent organic restaurant for a girls night out with one of my oldest friends Christina. We had a blast! We chatted about friends and family including who what and where. We probably could have stayed for at least five hours longer then we did! Christina and I have many many childhood memories together (the middle school ones are simply the best..puberty is such a poignant time in ones life) and I look forward to creating new ones with her and her family. I am very blessed to continue to have her in my life!
We ate delicious swordfish at a restaurant in Bethesda called Redwood. The was the food delicious, as was beautiful, and so is the restaurants decor! It's exterior has mixes of earth (wooden slats) and metal. This continued on through the simple design of the interiors. Despite it's modern decor the (red)wood, creates an abundance of warmth. I will be frequenting this place. The owner has a few other restaurants in the metropolitan area so I will be hopping to those as well!

Tis late and I must go and get some shut eye!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Can I get a WOOT WOOT! (Yes, I am tooting my own horn here)

Yes! It is all FINALLY coming into place. Our move to DC has been one epic journey. We have now, crossed off all our major to do's in order to go from being newly transplanted to being PLANTED! My biggest bridges to cross have been:
  • Get Pilates Studio up and running
  • Find a house
  • Find a preschool for Henry (Spanish Immersion)
Check, check and check! Of course these were being accomplished all at the same time. I've definitely been running around with my head cut off, which is why I've left my blog to linger alone. As Labor Day approaches, I must get ready to move this weekend, prepare Henry to start school on Tuesday AND teach my first classes also on Tuesday. YIKES!
Needless to say, I am completely prepared to know that my house will be in complete disarray and that things will not be in "their places" before our big day.
I don't want to even get started on what excitement I will have when it comes to decorating my new home too. Yes, I have tons of ideas but must not get hasty here. Breath, and one step at a time PLEASE.
Can I tell you how excited I am? Excited that I am back here in DC, that my family is with me, that we have wonderful family and friends around us and that this is our HOME!

As we nest into our new space, I'll be back more, here in my little blog world too!