Monday, January 21, 2013

Henry Turns SIX!

My Big boy is SIX!
Whoa, where does the time go?  
We planned for some great birthday events to celebrate the 6th year of my son.For his official birth date, the 14th of January (which also happens to be my Dad's), we took Hen to Clyde's, a family friendly restaurant with old classic cars and a small toy train that runs along the ceiling of the restaurant (which Hen giggles with glee every time it travels by our table).

You can see the train bridge above Henry's head!

His second celebration was an art party.  As per his request, Henry wanted to have his birthday at the Children's Art Studio, here in DC.  It is a great place art studio for kids, where the owner, organizes after school art programs as well as  workshops and art camps. Henry has been going to Nicole's studio for 3 years.  We love her so much.  

I opted to be an adventuresome baker and make a cake from scratch.. I love baked goods from scratch.
 My recipe came from a friend of mine who is the ultimate baker and Southern hostess (she would be the one to go to for these kinds of things). She gave me a Southern Living birthday cake recipe.  Mmm Mmm, so very good (even when I opted to switch out the crisco for real butter, thank you very much). The actual cake part was spot on and delish, but honestly my icing skills could improve. See Below:

We took some candid photos of the event.  All the kids had a wonderful time. We opted to invite ALL 20 kids in Henrys class, as well as some of our outta school besties. It was a large number of us, but Nicole did her thing and had control over all our 5 and 6 year olds. I'm so amazed by her and her assistant who also happens to be her daughter. 


Henry hoodle, I'm amazed at how quickly you are growing and changing.  My little guy!  This year has been one with a lot of transition!  Coming from Preschool at Communikids (which was all in Spanish) to attending Kindergarten at our neighborhood elementary school.  Six is a big number as you are only four years to being ten! Your energy level still amazes me as there aren't too many little people I know who want to ride their bike or scooter in the middle of bitter cold winter.  You don't mind being pinched by the cold wind or even pelted by the wet (cold) rain -or even SNOW.  I've learned these past 6 years that EVERYDAY is an OUTSIDE DAY and that more specifically that these past four and a half years, I must be prepared to bundle up and have a good supply of winter coats, hats, gloves, boots to be able to hang with the best of you (Henry's first year and half of life we lived in mild San Diego)!
Your intensity on living life shines through everything you do.  It shines through the games that you play, the love you give your sister, the concern you have for your friends when they are hurt, the times you feel left out from some of the neighborhood activity with friends on our street, when you miss your Daddy and Henry time, as well as when you want your mommy and me time.  You all show all your love and your vulnerability.  
Lego's are still some of your most favorite toys, you love your bike (as well as your special trail rides with your Daddy to Georgetown and back), you love playing tennis and soccer. 
I constantly am in awe of you and how you keep me on my toes, aiming to be the best mommy I possibly can be.  You continue to teach me so very much! Love love love U!

More pics from the art party!

My Dad and Camilla Georgina celebrating the festivities!

Silly time with Grandpop

Nicole has these kids working hard!

Henry's boat creation!