Thursday, September 29, 2011

Back to School!

WHAT? School is back in session !!!!  What happened to the summer, August?  Uh, and what about September?  Henry is quite the happy camper to be back at school and quite proud of his Spanish speaking capabilities (go Communikids).  This mama is proud!

But what about summer?  It was so full, so crazy, so fun and a lot of work.  My hubby worked extra hard at getting his business up and running, which to date, I am delighted to say is coasting along nicely. :) Go love!  I took most of the month of August off from teaching Pilates to be with Henry for some fun time (we took trips, had mom camp and all).  Henry tried new things at his various summer camps.  He took Tae Kwon Do, learned a little about acting, music and dance and fine tuned his swimming skills!  I've got a fish on my hands!  All in all our summer was super fun, filled with adventures.  Here's a quick peek:

Visit to Wisp in Western Maryland

Crazy jumps into the pool!

Hen took 2 weeks of Tae Kwon Do camp!  Loved it! We'll be back next year.

Henry and I had a mom and kid getaway in Martha's Vineyard. We went to visit one of my very good friends MT and her two boys.  We had such a fun time.  MT's whole family was there and it was a full house of fun.  The photos taken are by Amy Bennett who is an incredibly talented photographer and friend who lives in Cabo San Lucas. We all had a blast!  Thank you again Amy for taking these amazing photos of us.

Silly Faces!

How old? My birthday celebration!