Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Life According to my IPhone

Its crazy to think that Thanksgiving has past and Christmas is on its way. We just had Halloween, right?
Here's a little snippet of what's been happening the last few weeks!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


 My Bee and Pirate trick or treaters!

This Halloween seemed crazier than ever.  All the activities and events, that my five year old was involved in, took place within three days and seemed to be enough sugar load for one year.  HA!
There was much fun to be had so honestly you can't have too much of that.  This year I assisted in the classroom Halloween party and parade. 
The children participated in the school costume parade.  It was adorable as the kids marched around the school grounds and up into the neighborhood.  The kids were super excited and happy to parade around and see all the different costumes.

Aye, Matey!

Four mothers assisted in the party planning. We came up with some great ideas.  We had 4 stations for the kiddos to visit within the classroom.  
Station 1: Snack station:  They could decorate a petite cupcake with icing or gummy worms. 

Mmm Cupcakes!

We also had a pudding option where the children could create their own graveyard.  We used a recipe similar to this one on Bon Apetite. But replaced the homemade pudding with store bought pudding cups as our school doesn't allow us to bring in baked goods from home.

Station 2: Halloween bingo. One mom, brought in the game and witches hat.  She had a blast playing along the kids.  Each child received a small Halloween trinket for participating.  


Station 3: Build your own pumpkin face.  I cut out pumpkin shapes from orange construction paper.  The children had goggly eyes, black triangles, crayons, stickers, and pipe cleaners to make their creations.

Station 4:  Coloring station.  We printed out Halloween images from this website.  At this station, the children were self guided and could spend some time on their own.

Our neighborhood parade has been a yearly event that we all look forward to.  Its a blast, where all the kiddos in our hood gather at the neighborhood park to showcase their costumes.  After a walk around the park, kids venture out to look for candy in a scavenger hunt. 

 Waiting in line to walk around the park

Now we have loads of candy that is sitting around our house, tempting us as well as turning my boy into a sugar monster!  Planning to donate!