Friday, May 29, 2009


It's OUT OF AFRICA, again! So I am addicted to South African designers. Today, I was perusing some of my fave blogs. One of them, Skinny laMinx, of South Africa, showcased some local Cape Townians goods...Ninon. The Neighbourgoods Market in Cape Town is a gourment foods delight with tradesmen selling all sorts of delights; from the local famer's and wine estates to artisans. Ninon produces handmade delicious SHOES. They are adorable. And I NEED at least 3 pairs of them. I am lamenting a bit at the moment because they seem affordable, but once I would actually ship them to the states, they will cost an arm and a leg and two, I can't be so sure they will ever make it here. Their post system is well....S L O W and you can't be too sure if your mail will ever make it states side. I've learned that when shipping things from SA, if you aren't going through DHL, you MUST ship them through the Royal mail system (which basically means it goes by way of the UK and from there it ships). It is slightly more expensive but you are pretty much guaranteed a quicker delivery. For now, I will just drool, wish and dream wearing them! Any how, see below how yummy they really are!

Looking forward to the weekend. Hanging here in town. Tonight, we go to friends for dinner, shall be fun with all the kiddos together and tomorrow am it's off to the farmers market! Hope you all have a fun weekend!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Friday is tomorrow, REALLY?

Oh hell, is tomorrow really Friday? Not that I am complaining as the weekends are always the two consecutive days I get to be with both my guys (little guy and big guy). The short week has thrown me a bit, and I am exhausted.
Today was an epic day with Hen hen. It was adventures abound. Turn a corner and you'll never know what just hit ya. Perhaps it was the playdoh that trailed through the kitchen or the wrapped gift that was meant for your sister, but your child got a hold of and tore it to bits. Or how about catching your son with your makeup bag and opened lipstick which ended up all over his adorable embroidered bedding....hmmm....doesn't seem like enough action so lets add in the pee stain on the guest bed duvet (sorry guests, I'll be sure to have it drycleaned b/4 you come over for a visit). The doozey is the NO NAP. Yes, my little sleeper of a child DID NOT NAP TODAY! What?
On the flip side, Henry and I had an awesome afternoon at the park with my college friend Jen who is in town for a wedding. We picked her up at her hotel, grabbed a chai and headed to the park for some much needed running around.
My day ended teaching a wonderful group of women cyclists the powers of Pilates (will post what was taught in class soon. Slackin in my Pilates posts at the moment) . Class was a blast! Now off to bed. Buona Notte!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Long weekend over, a new begins

I hope you had a lovely long Memorial day/weekend whether your flags were a flyin high or you had an epic barbecue or pool party with your family and friends. Perhaps you took on this weekend to kick off the summer by heading to the beach for the weekend? We managed to hightail it outta Boulder for three nights to the family ranch. Despite the fact that it was raining, we had a wonderful time (in the mud).

Thank goodness for the frog wellipets (his boots)!

This child LOVES mud and rocks.

Mud, dirt and lightening = BOY HEAVEN

Henry's addiction continues to be Lightening McQueen (oh and let's NOT forget Thomas the train too)...the one in the pic is actually a bubble bath container. He saw it at Tarjay (Target) and HAD to have it. Immediately I took out the bath gel as it not only smelled disgusting, but I did not want to have bubble bath gel all over the house. Hen has taken the back left wheel off (can't see here in the pic). He likes this as it simulates the part in the beginning of the 'Cars' movie where Lightening looses his wheels (they explode as he has ridden around the track numerous times without changing them). Needless to say, Hen loves destroying his cars. He has taken most of the wheels and tires off of his vehicles (remind me to upload a pic of Henry's collection of wheels/tires). We have collected all of them and put them away for a later time when he hits the stage where he'll want to 'fix' all his cars (clever mama).

Needless to say...We are now entering 'toddler defiancy stage.'
Mmm.., loving it (nothing a marguerita can't solve)!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Where did the week go? Yikes! I am getting us all packed and ready for our weekend up at the RANCH! Oh I can't wait to be there, now, please! An hour 45 min drive won't be bad. Looking forward to R&R!

Today I am posting some fab interiors pics! Enjoy! Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Weekend!

image from Elle Decor

image is from Living Etc Magazine

this images is from Elle Decoration South Africa

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Day Sissy!

It is the 19th of May and my sister Sarah's birthday!

Happy Day to you sissy poo!

For the past 5 years we had been blessed with spending birthdays together as we lived a mere b
lock from each other in San Diego. Then this past September, Dean, Hen and I moved back to Boulder.

boo hoo sissy poo wish I were there to make you cupcakes :(
So sad that I am not there to celebrate you and honor yet another year of your sisterly wisdom!

I have two siblings, a younger brother Robert (aka bubby) and Sarah my OLDER sister who, through her lovingly annoying-ness, to this very day LOVES to tell me what to do!

I really don't mind her unsolicited assvice. Sister's are special b/c you know they'll tell you whatever is on their minds cause they can and regardless we'll always be sisters!

What to do sissy poo? What I am going to do when I have another baby? I'll need you!! You are the best doula (who isn't a doula, but should be)!

Sarah is one of those take charge women who will get you to focus even if they are pulling images outta the sky to get you to about the melting wax image...your cervix is melting like wax? melting, melting. Loved it and well as ya know it worked!
Sarah was the rockstar in there during my delivery, and my honey husband was too, I might add, as I am not sure what I would have done without shoulders to sit on (bizarre image but one day I'll write a post about the delivery of Henry David Kruuse). Any who back to the sissy poo....
There was a point when I was so transfixed on her eyes and so in another world of pain that I completely had an out of body experience. I was there but I wasn't, starring into her eyes as my insides seemed to be rupturing. God the pain. She got me through that delivery, hell she was a cheerleader who got me to believe that I CAN do this thing called motherhood, I CAN! She cheered throughout my pregnancy and post when Henry was just a little newbie. I love my sister!

With all my ups and downs ins and outs and all arounds, your words of sisterly experience and ass-vice is always accepted with an open ear (most usually).
I love you for it

(will never forget you telling me about the birds and the bees as mom is too proper to tell us those things..THANK GOD for older sisters)!

Sister, you hold a big place in my heart and I love you to bits. Despite living in different cities (we can pretend our bums touch...silly sister's), I still rely on you to be there to tell me what to do, when to do it and how, OK? LOVE you love you love you! Happy Day!

Love your sister xoxo

Monday, May 18, 2009


We are trying very hard to have this soother come to we want to help break bad habits sooner rather later. We've now managed to keep it to night time sleep and some naps. I'm having some reservations (of course) as it does its job well in soothing him, especially on those eves when he is winding up vs winding down. And well frankly, he LOVES his nay nay. He would have it morning noon and night if he could. He likes to suck. He did it while in my uterus (had one of those 3D/4D videos done and there he was sucking away and with out his thumb in his mouth). Needless to say, I had no problems with him latching once he was out of my uterus. Nursing wasn't a battle (except for having super red sore nipples in the first month or two of his life).

Notice in these photos that mr henry doodle has a 'nay nay' (aka pacifier or dummy for those in Queen motherlands) in his mouth AND a 'nay nay' lodged between his nose and the other nay. The nay lodged under nose is there for sniffing, yes I said "sniffing." It is definitely a calming cozy thing for him to do. He doesn't do the double nay nay consistently, only when he is just about to sleep or right when he wakes. This is DEFINITELY my child (in case you are wondering) as I was a major thumb sucker who sucked one thumb and then lodged the other under my nose to sniff. Hmmmm. Had no idea DNA would go that far when it can time to imprint my silly habits onto my offspring.

Friday, May 15, 2009

DESIGN & LIFESTYLE FRIDAY: South Africa's The Grand Cafe and Rooms

(this photo is from

This is one of the most beautiful little boutique hotels I have ever stayed. It is located in Plettenberg Bay, in South Africa. I love it not only for it's gorgeous location to the water, but the decor and food was divine!

(Delicious array of antipasti's...bellissimi)
This pic was taken from our trip. We sat by the pool and ate to our hearts delite. Mmmm!

They opened a cafe in Camps Bay in Cape Town recently. Will have to post some images of that soon too! Just really gorgeous.
I will post more design/lifestyle goodies on Friday's as it is a nice way to end the week.
Upcoming post is on silly Henry antic's ...can't wait for you to see these hilarious photos of him and his 'nay nay.'

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

8 x 8 x 8

Kirsty over at The Weaver's Nest graciously noted me and my blog for the "Sista-hood Award." Thanks Kirsty for being a great blog-bud!
I've been tagged to participate in the 8x8x8 here goes!

8 Things I am looking forward to
1. Going to this evenings Farmer's market with Henry, the hubby and friends.
2. Get my hair cut and colored (desperately needed)!
3. Paying all my bills.
4. Going to San Diego to see my sister and my niece Norah.
5. Teaching my workshops (two are at the end of this month).
6. Going to South Africa for Christmas.
7. Cozying up my family every morning.
8. Going up to the ranch for some R & R over memorial weekend!

8 Things I did yesterday
1. Worked on business.
2. Walked with Henry to the park. We picked flowers and stones and threw them into the creek!
3. Had a picnic.
4. Went on a hike with our friends Helen and Klara. We saw a snake and we soaked our feet into the stream.
5. Worked on the computer while Henry napped.
6. Thought about a nap while Henry napped (of course I didn't).
7. Decided that i need to do more journal writing.
8. Planted Asian blue grass seedlings.

8 Things I Wish I could do

1. Go to bed earlier (too much to do)!
2. Take yoga everyday (yes, I love yoga just as much as Pilates. Yoga is for ME)
3. Be an interior designer
4. Travel more often
5. get my certification in IMT
6. Redo my house
7. Be a professional dancer (did it for most of my life, but quit when it really mattered)
8. write a book (not sure on the exact topic just yet).

Those reading...consider yourself 'tagged!'

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Came across 2 excellent timeless Pilates videos. Thought you might enjoy these (I sure did)!

First video is of Joseph Pilates doing arm circles. It is pretty darn classic. Footage is from the early 40's.

This video is of both Romana Kryzanowska and Joseph Pilates. Romana was Joseph's muse of sorts. She continues teaching to this day! Footage is also from the early 40's

Monday, May 11, 2009

Pilates for Pregnancy

Hope you enjoy the three part videocast below for those mama's who are pregnant. The INTRO gives a brief description as to why and how these exercises can be helpful including some reminders to listen to your body.
The other sections are PART 1 and PART 2. You can choose to watch them separatly or you can do them all together. These exercises are gentle enough and easy to follow. Even if you are not expecting, these exercises are wonderful fundamentals and great for those just starting out their Pilates practice. Feel free to leave any questions you might have in my comments box. ENJOY!

Friday, May 8, 2009

AND SHE'S..............OFF!

Oh hell, it is nearing 12:30 am and I still getting myself together for uh..two nights away. I know, I know, crazy lady here is thinking I need to update my cell phone & my ipod.
I am getting excited now. Am off to the airport in the am and have Henry all sorted out for his pickup tomorrow at school. He and Dean will have a great boys weekend. I think they may plan on going to the pool which we did together last weekend. Although we had a blast we also slightly scarred our child...
Dean daddy went a little too fast down the big slide with Henry in his lap, which resulted in a massive underwater dunkage into the deep deep water, and well Henry ain't to keen on going on the big slide, EVER AGAIN. He keeps talking about how we go S L O W on the big slide not fast. "Yes, Henry, S L O W, daddy had no idea what he was thinking OR doing."
Well see what the weekend brings for us all. xoxoxo

**Get ready you pregger bloggers (or those who are looking for an good way to start their Pilates practice) for a little Pilates video-cast on Monday. Get ready to breath, stretch AND strengthen!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I haven't had any time to think about the very fact that I am going away this weekend sans le bebe. Oui, sans le bebe!
I have had so much on my mind lately (work, home, life, etc) that I haven't really acknowledged that I will be without husband and child this weekend. On Friday afternoon, i am going to get on a plane to see my cousin Sam graduate from Sewanee ( a great college in the hills of Tennessee). I've never been there before so it will be a nice adventure for me. I land in Nashville, my aunts come pick me up and then we drive to Sewanee. The weekend will be filled with dinner parties, events and ceremonies. It'll be nice to have some uninterrupted adult conversation as well.
Of course I will miss my baby and am already experiencing some mommy guilt. But I know that this little time away for me will be quite good for my well being (as well as for Henry's as he will get to spend some quality time with Dean daddy). I do realize I need a little pick me up, some time away to step out of the box and look into my life. I feel as though I am entering into another chapter of my life where I am juggling my own individuality with being a wife and mother. Do you ever have these moments where you step away to re-collect, to nurture oneself, to survey things in your life? Funny enough this happens to fall on mother's day weekend.

Friday, May 1, 2009

update on the barking seal...

Last week I took Henry to the doctor to get his bark(cough)looked into. As mentioned in my post, Henry doesn't get the coughing fits or gasping for air. However, when he does go to cough, it is quite loud, dry and deep.
We started Henry on the nebulizer last Saturday and gave him one dose of albuterol. Right after that moment (he had no problems putting the mask on), I felt that this wasn't the right thing to do at this point. His funny sounding cough doesn't keep him from being active, playful or aggressive, it is just that there are times right after being active that he might need to cough (not to get mucus up as his cough is dry). Hmm...regardless a cough is a cough and it does need to be addressed. For now, I think instead of taking albuterol, I will take him to a pediatric cardio-pulmonologist and have them do some tests. My husband gets a kick outta the idea of getting Henry on the treadmill and hooked to a VO2 test. Dean is a triathlete and he likes these kinds of things..Another option is to have him tested for some allergies. Any who, we will get down to this little mystery. Will keep you posted.