Friday, October 10, 2008

FALL in love with Colorado

Ok, FALL is one of the most stunning times of year here in Colorado. At the end of Sept. beginning of October the aspen trees turn the most magnificent shades of bright yellow and gold! A few days ago we took a late morning drive up near Sugar Loaf mtn. to a lovely trail/dirt road called the Switzerland trail. The honey husband rode his mountain bike last weekend on this trail and wanted to take us on it (although we were in the Rover, going bumpidy bumpidy bump). It was GORGEOUS. The picture above was taken on the road to Gold Hill, a cute little mountain town not far from the city of Boulder, from Peak to Peak hwy. We stopped at the General Store in the o'l mining town and bought ourselves a little lunch. We had home made chicken pie and killer gluten-free apple and strawberry pie (for me). It was yummy!

Friday, September 26, 2008


As a permanent resident, my husband is incredibly frustrated that he can not participate in this Presidential election!!!
This banner was created by Sue at
Both she and my husband are from South Africa and are permanent residents of the US.
I read her blog often and am delighted to pass on her efforts! I hang this banner on my site to encourage those who can vote to please do so! I can and WILL be voting in this election (the state of COLORADO needs it)! Thanks!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Open Space

We've moved back to Boulder and settling in our new home! Two weeks have passes and boxes abound, but nearly all unpacked. We've got the artwork to hang, office to set up as well as our guest room. Yikes! Moving with a toddler is quite the challenge...not only are you having to cope with their adjustments to a new place/home, but it takes nearly twice the amount of time to unpack a box and put things away. Not happening as orderly and quickly as I'd like (gonna just have to let that one go)!
On another note...I can breath! Ah, am loving the fresh mountain air. The open space. Yesterday, the honey, hen and I went on one of my favorite trail runs. We loaded the bob stroller in the car and drove all of 5 minutes to a loop near the Boulder Reservoir (can't remember the name). We took a nice leisure run around the loop. Hen loved observing all the scenery and the animals...."birds!" Besides seeing birds, we also ran by a horse, some geese, a few dogs and some mountain bikers. What delight! I am ecstatic that Hen hen will be growing up with these scenes, this environment and this space. What a wonderful place for little ones.

As for my first run back in hight altitude, the first 15 min., I must admit, I had a slight cramp in my upper ribs, but once I warmed up I managed to keep a good speed (well I didn't have to pull off the trail to stop and rest). With a slight burn in the lungs, I managed to make it up the one gradual hill (and slightly surprised too)! Not sure I will be quite as optimistic after my first run/walk of Sanitas Trail, but will be sure to update you all on that one when the time comes!
More on our Boulder life, coming soon...... :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fleurs de san diego


My birthday was pretty lovely. Had a lazy morning of coffee and pressies in bed (can't get much better than that)! After a lovely brunch with honey husband and hen hen at Naked Cafe in Pt. Loma, we headed off to Balboa Park. We decided that we would take hen hen on the 'kids train.' Oh my! Boy, did he have FUN! We've been talking about 'choo choo's' every since.
The day ended at my sister house with homemade cupcakes baked by my gorgeous niece bee. Mmmmm! They were delicious! Thanks family for making my dreaded day simply fantastic!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Blues, birthday blues

Not so sure why I am not siked about the upcoming birthday. Is it fear of aging? Just plain and simple UNINTERESTED.
Need to suck it up and put some party/dance shoes ON! (oh yeah, reminds me SYTYCD is on tonight...highlight)

Friday, August 1, 2008


Well, it has been almost an ENTIRE month since I last wrote. What? Life has gotten in the way of me actually getting the time to SIT, contemplate and then write in my cyber journal, which I so desperately need to do. At the moment, time is spent with hen, work, husband AND "So You Think You Can Dance." What a show! I think that reality show completely ROCKS! My fave's are between Twitch, Joshua and Katee. Oh heck, what is gonna happen? I've got so wrapped up in this thing! Ok, so I don't watch a whole lot of T.V., but when I get into something, I get into it! I get glued to that T.V. (prob why I try not to watch the darn thing). Let's THANK the DVR for all the possibilities! I record the show and then we watch them at our leisure, rewinding our favorite performances over and over. Any how, I've decided that I got to get my dancin shoes on again here and NOW! I love to DANCE! But it has been about a LONG 10 years since I danced consistently. It will be quite a challenge to jump start my body to move like that again. Heck, it may never again. Sad thought.
Will continue to day dream about my life long ambition of becoming a dancer and I will get back to this blog spot again soon......

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

bye bye, bye bye boo boo

We've had a hectic week of massive ouchies. Which I guess is to be expected in a 17 month old boy. (Fortunately they did not result in going to the ER.) Being a first time mom-mee moo-mee, I try really hard not to overact when he has an accident, as I don't want to freak him out. However, we give lots of hugs and kisses, to help make the boo boo feel much better. Somehow baby 'hen's' head manages to find the corners of our coffee table and t.v. unit. What's up with that? I still see those falls and trips in slow motion. His head is the target and all those edges and corners somehow find the bulls-eye. It kills me. But 'hen' is a huge trooper. After a little bit of crying to deal with the pain and aftershock, as well as applying a bag o peas and a band-aid, he switches gears and returns to his jovial little self. Still it freaks me out... seeing blood coming from your baby's wound. I did not go to the doctor either time he hit his head, but did watch for signals of concussion. Plus the cuts only bled for 1 to 3 minutes, an indication that the wound can heal itself. I've heard that after 10 minutes of bleeding, you should get it stitched up? As well as if it is in an area where the skin stretches and moves often? Now that his wounds are scabs, I've been putting aloe gel on to help with any potential scarring. Apparently aloe gel, is a great healing remedy for cuts, burns etc.
However, since the babe's boo boo's, the request for Teletubbies (tub tub's as little 'hen' calls them) has been on the rise. What a bizarre show, but surely is educational as my child has picked up on words, numbers and golf. We watch PBS, Discovery Channel and Golf (I know strange but the child loves it. I don't even know how to play). PBS is probably the most watched and our faves are: Zaboomafoo, Teletubbies and Sesame Street. These are great little programs and our babe just adores them. DVR'ing the programs, allows us to watch them at appropriate times. DVR=godsend! So, the 'tub tubs' are in our life at the moment. Not just when we have the opportunity to watch them on the T.V., but when we are out at the shops, on the phone with the grand parents and even when walking by strangers. Little 'hen' shouts out...bye bye, bye bye, bye bye, bye bye, bye, bye bye, bye. Over and over again! This is cute, but it could get annoying?! Check out the above link to Teletubbies (I prefer the UK site as they give us parents a little understanding of tub tub land)!

Monday, June 30, 2008

the holiday (well in need of one)!

Monday morning is here! A start to a new week and I am already completely exhausted. Friday night was relaxing and slightly mindless. We watched....Mr. Bean's Holiday. OK, I know! "Mr. Bean?" you say. Well, yes. I needed something completely off-kilter, bizarre, sporadic, laughable and just not perfect. I needed to see something that conveyed a sense caziness. So that I feel slightly better about my un-perfect self.
Saturday was date night with honey husband! Unfortunately our plan to go to The Pearl did not pan out as they had booked their restaurant out for a wedding party. Next time. Instead we went to our neighborhood Japanese (authentically Japanese) restaurant. They have simply the best food and at wonderfully affordable prices (and that is what we need now, affordable, with the crazy gas prices here in So. Cal). My favorites are the seaweed salad, the Soba noodles, and yes their sushi! We finished it off with some cold Saki! Divine!
Sunday was the grocery shopping and laundry day....pretty boring if you ask me, but we managed to get in some playtime over at Auntie's house (my sister). Fortunately it is all of one block away! I feel quite lucky that I have her so close by. 'Hen' loves going to 'Dante's (as pronounced by baby)' house. We like to help her water her plants.

Friday, June 27, 2008

the biz

hello hello...yes, skipped a day from my new endeavors here in the blogoshere. Oh well...
I can't believe Friday has already arrived! Yesterday was a day full of admin for home and biz. Little 'hen' went to Sea World for the very first time with his nanny and her son (who 'hen' adores). My babe keeps talking about Elmo (have a Sesame Street theme for Toddler's at Sea World). Think he had a blast. While my babe was in full force play, I was out looking for a new space for my Pilates studio. For the past 5 years I have been teaching P-lots out of my home studio. This has worked out quite well, but now that the babe is coming into Toddler stages, showing independence and all, I think it is time I make a bit more separation between home and work. I feel very fortunate though to be able to work from home. That E, the nanny, and 'hen' are just a few steps away. This was especially important during the nursing stages too. Any who, I saw two spaces. One space was a room in a Wellness center. Unfortunately it was not that big especially for what they were asking per month. The pros are that it is within a Wellness center which supports the approach I take within my teaching (more on that, another time). Another big plus is it would promote referrals. The second space is above a salon and an esthetician in a hip part of town. It has great light and wood floors. The space would be my own. Yup, rent is a bit more too, but it has been vacant for awhile so perhaps I can talk em down? Am in no rush at this point so I will continue to keep my options open.
As for the weekend, am planning a quiet one (I need to catch up on my sleep, wishful I tell ya). Honey husband and I have planned a date (just dinner, no overnight unfortunately) for Saturday at this cute boutique hotel and restaurant called The Pearl visit Very cozy easy going ambiance. It was an old 1950's motel, that has been completely refurbished and now sports some major grooviness including ambient groove tunes (also check out, a dive-in theatre (a huge movie screen poolside), and a cute pet goldfish in each room! Food is delish and looking forward to sitting by the pool with hubby as well as glass in hand!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the beginning

Finally! The very first entry. Yes, today is the day I have become an official blogger! I think I am ready, although I've tormented over how I would establish my blog. What do I want to share, how much do I want to reveal, why do I want to blog, who is my audience? Well, well, I've decided not to get too heady over this thing and just do it! Just freakin write something already!
As I sit to write this very first entry, my son 'hen' is having his mid-day nap. Well it is more like a deep sleep slumber as he has now been asleep for about 3 hours...ohh, just as I wrote that '3', he is now calling "mommee, mommee, mum mum, mum!" Ok, later. I will return to finish this out!
....back about 5 hours later. Managing some bill paying and phone calls while 'hen' plays with E, our wonderful sitter, and her son J. Thought I'd also tell you about Astrolabe (check out, a free on-site Astrological chart. I just created one for E.G., my dear friends new bundle o baby joy.