Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Round TWO!

This snow is INCREDIBLE! INSANE! I've never in my life seen so much snow. And it is still coming down - snow storm number 2!

Here is what things looked like two days ago:

Car is covered.

Hen helping dad with shoveling!

snow pose!

Here is what things look like TODAY:


Mischievous Child!

Needless to say, this time together as a family is a lot of fun! Will post some photos shortly of our our indoor adventures!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Keepin it cozy this weekend!

It has been a nutty weekend. The snow started here in DC on Friday at 10:45 am. It snowed until Saturday afternoon about 2 pm. It has been such a gorgeous snow! It is prefect timing as Lil Hen and I have been sick with a nasty cold so hunkering down in the house doesn't feel so bad except for now that it is utterly sunny, we do need to get out.

Friday evening.
My car is starting to disappear.

Friday night.
Our back deck is also disappearing!

Saturday morning.
Yikes, my car pretty much disappeared!
Won't be moving that one for awhile.

Sunday morning.
Sunny calm. Can't get out my back door.

This snow is amazing. It is quite unbelievable. I don't recall this much snow, ever in the DC area. Colorado perhaps. But even now, there is not this much snow in the mountains of Colorado. I've kept things quite unplanned and relaxed this weekend as it is just Henry and I. The honey husband went to Utah to ski Park City with his best friend. I'm amazed he made it out as he left early Friday morning when everyone tried to leave DC for the weekend. Needless to say he got bumped from his flight (and without even any courtesy tickets or anything). Instead he ended up taking the train up to NYC and flew out from there. Talk about die-hard to get outta town! Poor guy. He deserves it though as he hasn't had a boys weekend in sometime. My Brother and his fiance made the trek over yesterday for a fire in the fireplace. It was really nice to see some faces as we've been experiencing a little cabin fever Henry and I. Before my brother came over we made some Valentines which was lots of fun!

Henry's Valentines.
Do you see the two Valentine Trucks?

My little bit of California is starting to bloom!
I LOVE jasmine!

Let's see if Dean ends up coming home tonight. I have a feeling our airports are still closed. He may have to fly back into JFK and then train it back home. What an adventure.
My brother is coming to pick us up so that we can get out and about and have a change of scenery too! Looking forward to to an adventure! Apparently, snow is scheduled for Tuesday. Whoa!

Monday, February 1, 2010

A YEAR in Pictures!

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We had an incredible year! Here's to making more memories
and accomplishing our dreams and aspirations!