Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yes, take charge mom!

I just got this great article from a friend of mine about becoming a take charge mom, by creating boundaries and setting limits (so that your kids don't walk all over you). We had just been chatting on the phone last week about our 2 year olds. We had a good ol time discussing the whines, screams, and persistence of our toddlers and how we try to handle them. We both seem to be having a difficult time with the play date thing. Having a friend over to play can be such a exhausting endeavor. I'd like to think it will be lots of fun where the mommies can have uninterrupted chat while their children play together like angels. Well, it isn't always like that (sometimes play date ends in tears, mommies can't deal, friends go home).
We are rolling through a phase (and please let this phase pass QUICK as we are just starting to see light at the end of the tunnel). Henry sometimes has a hard time having others over to play as it means they get to play with his toys. Hmm... not always so sure about this, especially when it comes to his 'special' toys!
Sharing is a concept that a 2 year old has a real hard time grasping. After failed attempts with using the word 'sharing,' I've moved onto, "Let's let Bobby have a turn with the tow truck. Taking turns is a lot more fun, isn't it?" I say with a lot of excitement. "Yes!" Henry says with excitement and then starts to show some fear as he hands the toy over to his friend. It starts to set in that he will get the toy back, and this makes this whole stress a little bit easier. Most of the time, he forgets all about the darn tow truck he couldn't let go of and is on to the next big thing. Ah the life of a mommy with a toddler. Wow isn't it so true that our children teach us such valuable lessons? Although the setting is usually a bit hair raising and can really burn your nervous system. Right now, I am on "Patience 101!" How about you?

Monday, March 30, 2009


I'm feeling quite anxious today. I have lots on my mind and quite a big 'to do' list. It is the start of a new week and with it comes a plethora of things I'd like to accomplish. It's hard on days like these, when I know I have a lot to do but just can't seem to feel enthused. Oh no, not good! So now, I remind myself to BREATH.

Yes, breath! Breathing helps oxygenate our blood, improves our circulation and rejuvenates our body. It is super cleansing and can give you a nice burst of energy. There are different techniques out there. Today I want to chat about costal breathing which is taught in Pilates. Although, from time to time, I like to change it up with some good diaphragm breathing which is quite therapeutic too..more on that later!

As one of the 6 Pilates principals, breath is the foundation of the Pilates method. Breathing is used in coordination with exercises to initiate and support your body while doing the exercise. Costal breathing, aka, lateral breathing is the act of drawing the air up into your ribcage expanding the air out into the sides and back of the ribcage. It also includes up and down the spine to your pelvic floor. Costal breathing helps us open tightness in your rib cage (emotional tension can get caught in and around our hearts which leads to the tension in our ribs that acts as a barrier). Most importantly doing costal breathing while performing Pilates exercises with your abdominals pulled in along your spine will better support you and your body through the exercise.
Below you will find a little description of a costal breathing technique. I made a video of it, but unfortunately I am having a heck of time trying to upload it onto my site. Not sure what has happened but will attempt to upload it on a later date. In the meantime, try out the description below. If you have any questions regarding this exercise please feel free to comment!

Here's how to begin:
1- Sit in a supportive chair or lie down on your back with your knees bent. Inhale through your nose and fill your lungs with air while expanding your rib cage. As you take this air in, think about the air expanding your ribs out to the side and around the back of your ribcage, but also up and down along the spine to your pelvic floor. Try not to let your shoulder raise to your ears as your take that breath in either, keep them relaxed. Exhale out through your mouth allowing your ribs to naturally decompress. Don't force your ribs down as this will just cause more tension in your body.
2- Inhale through your nose, expanding your rib cage (no shoulders to ears please). As you take that inhale, you want to continue until your expansion gets tighter and constricted try to sip in a little bit more air through your nose. This will further your oxygen intake as well as lung capacity (as you get seasoned you will find you can take in longer breaths). Exhale again out through your mouth allowing for your ribs to naturally decompress as you let all the stale air out.
3- Do this breathing technique 6-10 more times. Each time trying to further your intake of air as well as how much you expel. You will find that eventually the tightness you've felt in your ribcage will begin to open.
Enjoy, feel better and have a wonderful week!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why I love the spring time in Boulder

Yes, BIZZARO! Woke this morning to a blanket of white! After a week of 55-73 degree weather this was a bit of a shock, but oh so welcomed! NEED PRECIPITATION! Some peeps say here in Colorado, if you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes. Kind of true. But on most days of the year, try 300, it is SUNNY! Which I love. But, our winter has been quite dry which has us a bit fearful as to how crisp our summer will be. Fires are definitely a problem here, but not quite as crazy as in California (we've been subjected to those when we lived in San Diego). Five years ago while living in Boulder (b/4 we left for San Diego only to return to Boulder this past September for those who haven't read previous posts), we were evacuated from our home as a ring of fire was traveling along the foothills across the street from our house-scary! Fortunately our house didn't burn down!
Even though I was flipping around town in my flops the other day, today I was trudging through town decked out in my boots and hat plowing through the snow in my Land Rover.
Here's the past week in a nutshell.....

Biking through the beautiful St. Julien Hotel and Spa in Boulder only to stop and play with the fountain (note the budding tree and flowers).

Henry on his bike! Check out the rad helmet. He's been living in that thing. Wears it as if it is a ball cap (yes, he's wearing shorts).

Helping mommy and daddy clear the driveway with his "scooper."

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Therapeutic Pilates

Today I thought I should write a little information regarding the therapeutic benefits of the Pilates method. There are many ways in which Pilates can be therapeutic for things like post op, chronic pain, post injury, post-pregnancy to name a few.
I'd like to focus on Women's health specific to pelvic conditions. I'm sure many of you have heard your doctor or a friend talk about "kegel's." A kegel exercise consists of contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. In Pilates we focus a lot on the connection to the pelvic floor as the pelvis is not only the keystone to the distribution of our body's weight, but helps us stay upright as well as strengthen our powerhouse/abs. Engaging our pelvic floor helps us better connect to the strength of our most internal abdominal muscle, the transverses (they do quite well when they can work together).
As we age, incontinence becomes a more familiar word. Having babies also weaken organs and muscles in our trunk. Geez, I've been there. I managed to give all natural birth to an 8 pound baby and I have a small frame at 5'5". Hen is two and I am just starting to feel really internally strong again. Not flimsy or unconnected like I was post birth.
It is best that we start to really learn how to exercise our pelvic floor and abdominal's (key word here is internally, a 6 pack is nice but that's not what I'm getting at) so we can help prohibit these issues down the road. I'd like to share a basic kegel exercise with you (and no it isn't the kegel exercise your doctor told you about: stopping your stream while on the toilet. I wouldn't recommend doing that).
So here goes:
Sitting on a upright chair (no comfy soft armchairs,ok) or on an exercise ball (when sitting on the ball make sure that the bend of your knees is about 90 degrees or wider. Plus you don't want your hips lower than your knees).
While seated, place a small ball or pillow in between your knees. Place your hands on thighs. Inhale, free breath (no movement). Exhale gently squeeze the ball (or pillow) with your inner legs (not your outer legs or gluts). As you squeeze make sure you engage your pelvic floor. To do this, sorry if this is too graphic for you but it works, is to imagine you are holding a tampon up inside you. Inhale you want to completely relax the pelvic floor and your legs. Start again as you exhale, you gently squeeze ball/pillow with inner legs, kegel and third part is to pull your tummy in.Do this about 6 times. Please don't hesitate to comment if you have further questions about this exercise.
Have FUN!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


You every have those days where you just don't know what the hell you are actually doing? Where things just don't sync. There isn't the fluidity you strive for or the ease in getting things accomplished? This happens to me on occasion and at times like these, I desperately try to find my feet.
I remind myself to breath and to stay focused at the task at hand. But dang I'm tired and sometimes I just want my mommy!
Mental garbage doesn't help this situation either and when you have loads on your mind, it can get hard to file these thoughts into their assigned folders. That's when your house starts looking like sh*t! Ha ha!
Ok no really, those kinds of days are just complete horrors...but I plow on through and think about being a "WOMAN WARRIOR!"
So instead let's look at what I have accomplished recently:
-Put up my first Pilates video cast
-Made some great connections within the Women's health community for Commandos. Sold a handful of Commandos patches to a pelvic pain website! Can i get a whoo hoo!?
-Finally received phone calls from practitioners who are interested in sampling out product to their patients...coolio!
-Made it to UPS (yes, that's an accomplishment)
-Finally bought a helmet for my two year old (he's got one large noggin, that cutie pie)
AHH.... I feel a whole lot better now! Tis always better to look at the glass half full, not half empty (make note to self).
More on mental garbage and sick like that LATER.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The first one is up!

OK here goes ...the first video cast is up!! I am completely nervous about putting myself out there, but I am excited to share Pilates with you all. I hope you enjoy this 4 1/2 minute video that introduces some of the basic Pilates concepts: breathing and the core (abs, inner legs, pelvic floor, spine). This intro is a great start for beginners as well as tune up for the seasoned Pilates enthusiast. He happy, be healthy!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pilates video casts up and coming

Planning to post my first video cast of some Pilates exercises. I am really excited about this and a bit nervous too. Kind of strange doing exercises in front of a camera. I know it won't be quite as nerve wracking as when I did a Pilates mat video shoot that I co-produced with my friend Jon Belanger for his Jonny Pilates business. The video is called Discovering Pilates . It was fun to do as we compiled exercises for a beginner mat session with a lot of specifics (including what not to do) as well as a more intermediate/advanced mat session. You can find this video HERE at amazon. So before you start watching these videos and hearing me spew about Pilates, I'd like to share with you my experience with Pilates and how my journey in this Pilates world began. So here goes...
Back in the day, a large portion of my life was consumed by ballet. Dancing began at 3 and then really started to take it more seriously (mainly ballet and some modern) from the age of 15-22. As a dancer in college, I found that my body was getting really tired and my hips could not take much more. I ended up hearing about Pilates through my dance teacher at Washington University in St. Louis, Christine O'Neal (she was in one of my fave movies Turning Point). I began in 1995 over at Karen Prechtl's studio, The Pilates Center of St. Louis which was then located in the COCA Center in University City near Wash U. I loved it from the moment I got on that reformer. The way it made me feel so invigorated, strong, taller, stretched out and less compressed (those hips of mine had been slowly starting to squeal to a halt really needing some oil for those joints and Pilates was it). My dancing was no longer at a plateau and I started moving again. Now Rehabed and hooked and in search of continuing my Pilates training, I started taking lessons at the famed Pilates Center in Boulder Colorado. Even though I wasn't yet living in Boulder as I was now graduated from Wash U and living back in my hometown, Washington DC. I had heard what a spectacular program they had and that making trips back and forth there would suffice for awhile (helped that I had family and a long distant boyfriend who lived there at the time). Long story short. I ended up moving to Boulder taking the training course that started in 2001 and continued on through 15 hours a week for over a year. LOVED IT completely(and sometimes hated the intensity, but they are great teachers and expect to get the most and the best outta you..even if it nearly kills ya). At the end of the program you are not guaranteed your certification. You must take many exams (written, teaching and performance) and you may pass your written but you very well could fail your performance (they watch and critique while you perform a series of the advanced exercises). If your body isn't ready to do these then you aren't ready to teach (all eyes on you). So insanely intense, but truly the best training by far! I have been teaching Pilates for the past 8 years. My training has included traditional Pilates training as well as therapeutic Pilates training. I worked with both Marianna Amicarella MA and Cass Reich PT to start Avanti Therapy in 2001. I worked the Pilates therapeutic program along with Marianna. Cass worked the PT and Cranial along with a few other practitioners including acupuncturists. After being there for over two years I moved to San Diego and opened my own Pilates practice called Intrinsic Movement. I collaborated with Physical Therapist Ralph Havens at his clinic Mission Hills Physical Therapy. We worked with patients with chronic pain as well as worked together doing running clinics. To this day, I still continue to educate myself taking courses, reading and chatting with my mentors. I need to in order to continue to feed this passion.
What I hope to achieve in doing these casts, is to provide some fundamentals for those who never tried Pilates as well as give some specifics for those folks who want to further enhance their practice of the Pilates method. At anytime you'd like to bring up a question or even suggest an exercise you would like to see, please feel free to comment and I will be happy to do so! So enough is enough on all this jabbering and I hope you enjoy what's to come.

Friday, March 20, 2009

South Africa CALLS!

Definitely a traveler transient type and definitely love traveling to SA! SO very very excited as my sis in law Judy is getting married in December!!! YAY! Congrats to you little sis! She and her hubby to be, Neil, make a very adorable couple. This means that we will be going to South Africa for Christmas this year. Can't can't wait! We try to get to SA every year but it always manages to set us back financially as it is not only such a far place to travel to but costly tickets! This past year we skipped out on a trip to Africa as we moved from San Diego to Boulder Colorado. Which was an adventure in itself. Now that we are settled back in good ol Boulder, I am looking forward to getting back to the motherland (I like to think it is my motherland). There is such a vibe in that country, it is very difficult to describe, but bottom line, my heart is there in that country. Not just for it's land, people, cultures, food and the like, but for something more internal or maternal. It stumps me. For all the crime, social and economic issues SA has and had over the many years, in my mind this country has a lot going for itself (some may disagree with me on this, but I am an optimist). Opportunities do knock in this country. I have a huge interest in art and design. And as I see it, the art culture in this country is so strong and progressive. People don't have to be safe here when it comes to art. It's cutting edge (all forms, dance, film, design etc). Take the interior design field (which is an addiction of mine), I read all the South African interior design mags and think how broad and open it is. There is a sense of opportunity and freedom in its execution and perhaps this is because SA had been held and stifled and cut off from the rest of the world during apartheid. now its skies the limit and less controlled? very ahead yet very organic. Ahh, I could on and on and .....more on that in another post. Any who, I am excited now that we have something as wonderful as a wedding to look forward to as well as to see all our family and friends! Now I better get back to the chain gang so we can actually afford our tickets (no credit card debt accumulation this go around).

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Well enough to run

What a challenging week. I am happy that tomorrow is Friday and that we will all be well for the weekend (YAY)! The hell of not only being sick, but then having to be a mom to a sick child is a challenging task. Feeling icky on top of having a clingy child who wants nothing but mommy and his 'nay nay' (pacifier that we were all doing so well weening ourselves from and now have back tracked a bit) is starting to weigh on me. BUT we all made it out alive. Fortunately Dean has yet to be sick and we are all holding thumbs that he maintains the hardcore immune system that he has. We all felt well enough that this evening when Dean daddy came home from work we managed to take Henry in the jogger and go for a beautiful trail run. We saw ducks, horses and cows which made it all the more interesting for little hen!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two down one to go!

Oh man! This is a no good, very bad day! I've contracted the sickness. Aches are ever present with spells of hot and cold. Not good. To top it off I am still in my pj's and have bad breath (not a very pretty mama today, no). I feel quite badly for little Hen, but fortunately he hasn't had any fevers today, but just a REALLY runny nose. Poor little bugger. Can't say I feel sorry for myself, just annoyed cause I am not being very productive today (I don't do sick well as I am not a napper. There's just too much to do in a day). However, I did manage to make bubbles with Henry, pay some bills and took a 45 minute nap (teaser really). Called Dean daddy to come home early to help me with the baba as I feel like I not being the fun attentive mama (ok, am feeling a bit sorry for myself). Tomorrow = new day.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Pics of my happy baby (pre-flu)!

Tough Monday

Well this was meant to be a day of major accomplishments: drop the baba at school, work on commandos, teach a Pilates mat class, and meet with the CPA. Well, not going so good. My sweet heart woke up at 2 am with a terrible fever! He was coughing and had the rosiest cheeks you ever did see! Poor thing. After giving him some fever reducer, some liquids he crawled into bed with us. Needless to say, after that we all did not get much sleep (Hen's head at my side, Hen's feet on Dean's side). Today we've had the yo yo fever and continual runny nose. So we put on the movie Cars for the second time today. I was thinking with all this fever and not feeling so good he'd be sleeping up a storm, not so. He is just too uncomfortable. Of course this all doesn't help when it is simply GORGEOUS outside. I think it must be 75 degrees. I think however, we will make a trip to the store to stock up on sick items (Oranges, Emergen-C, Wellness Formula (liquid kind), Cherry Bark Root for coughs and perhaps some soup)! Oh I will be updating my blog with some pics of Hen real soon, so please check back! Got some super ones of him riding his favorite motorbike in action! Other things in the line of to-do's.....my video cast of some Pilates exercises. Check back! Cheers my dears!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

crackpot bakers

Or so it seems! You see I've been attempting the art of gluten-free baking with my two year old son. A few weeks ago it was brownies and today we baked cookies (choc chip). The problem is we get a bit looney when it comes to the batter. Sure the mixing and baking is fun but having to wait for the final treat is not so fun. Patience does not equal toddler. Instead we like to treat (indulge) on the goods along the way, which is actually the best part of baking. When limitations are set on the batter eating (oodles of butter and chocolate his fave parts), hen transforms and becomes some other being...he gets completely outta sorts, full-on tantrum with blotchy skin and drippy nose (pleasant). So I try my darn-est to not back down on my decision that enough is enough (really don't have the desire for his belly to ache at 2 in the morning, thank you). Me: "Yes, you'll get two cookies when they are finished baking (which actually results in 3 or even 4, oh hell)!" We will keep on trying to improve on this follow through. I really don't want to be such a poop about it. Baking is meant to be fun and as I mentioned before the batter is really the best part. I remember the days when my sis and I used to "make cookies" together, except that we actually never did the part where you bake, and we actually never made the batter with flour. It was just 3 key ingredients: butter, sugar and eggs (and sometimes we would add the vanilla for the fragrance factor). We would literally spoon that sticky mass into our mouths. If we had enough we'd stick it in the fridge and then come back for more later. Glad we managed to have enough sense to stick that egg-y sticky mess in the fridge versus just letting it sit there on the counter for a few hours, can you imagine? I am actually surprised we never became deathly ill (salmonella)! Mmmm, such is life as a crackpot baker!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Who is who?

Fun list I read off of Heathers blog over at dooce.com She is quite funny and has made a living (she and her family) off her blog. Pretty damn amazing.

1. What are you middle names? Bywater and Brendon
2. How long have you been together? Since 1999
3. How long did you know each other before you started dating? 2 weeks
4. Who asked whom out? Don't know, I think I would say him.
5. Where was your first date? 1 st real romantic one at John's Restaurant in Boulder.
6. How long did it take you to get serious? 2 months
7. How old are each of you? 34 and 36
8. Whose siblings do you see the most? Mine as his live in the UK and South Africa
9. Which situation is the hardest on you as a couple? At the moment I would say his job. Not the dream job and just a job. Pretty awful really. We are working on plans to move forward to make for a better lifestyle. (jobs can really suck the life outta ya and this we don't desire thank you very much)!
10. Did you ever go to the same school? No
11. Are you from the same home town? I'm from Washington DC and he is from Jo'burg SA
12. Who is smarter? Hmm, depends. I'd like to say me
13. Who is most sensitive? me
14. Where do you eat out most as a couple? Well I hate to say that we don't eat out as a couple much, as a family yes, as we tote our 2 year old with us. The last restaurant we went out as a couple was The MED, in downtown Boulder, New years! Mmmm such good food!
15. Who has the craziest Exes? Probably me
16. Who has the worst temper? Neither, I do nag. He gets quiet.
17. Who does the cooking? We both do :)
18. Who is the neat-freak? I am though we both have a tendency to make piles.
19. Who is more stubborn? Ohh pretty equal here. We are both fire signs!
20. Who hogs the bed? Neither.
21. Who wakes up earlier? He does, I follow shortly thereafter.
22. Who is more jealous? Fortunately we are not jealous types.
23. Who eats more? He does
24. Who does the laundry? I have a very specific way I like it to be done, therefore I do it!CONTROL!
25. Who is better at the computer? Depends, I am all about social networks he is all techie.
26. Who drives when you are together? He drives, although I'm definitely the passenger-seat driver-ALWAYS. He is awesome at handling, I'm fantastic at navigating!

I've got just an hour to tackle a bunch more work. So I must dash.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pilates Core Exercises

I've decided to jot down a few fab Pilates exercises (tried not to get too wordy with descriptions so that I can hold your attention) that you can try out in the comfort of your own home...
So right now, get off your chair, get on the floor and move your computer screen/laptop to an area where you can read and do! ~In the future I will post short videos a few times a week demonstrating Pilates exercises.
Warm up w/ Breathing
Lying on your back with knees bent, pillow or ball in between knees, feet on floor.
Place your hands on on the tops of hips (hands in pockets). Imagine you have a suspension bridge connected from hip bone to hip bone. Every exhale you can feel your hands and your suspension bridge sink and drop. You can add a kegel on your exhale as well which will further support your core and pelvic floor.
Do 5 times.
Modified 100
Lying down, knees bent, ball or pillow in between knees, feet flat on floor. Hands behind your head. Exhale lift head and shoulders off the floor and look down at abs (keep the weight of your head in your hands). Stay here for 6 full breaths concentrating on watching your suspension bridge sink and drop. To maintain this upper torso curl, imagine curling and lifting from the spot between your shoulder blades (this will take pressure off neck straining).
Modified Roll Down
Sitting up straight, legs parallel, knees bent, feet flat on floor. Hold the backs of thighs.Exhale moving from hips, round spine, pull in belly (your suspension bridge) and roll back towards the floor. Stop halfway down and hold position for 2 full breaths. As you return to sitting bend elbows wide as you pull belly in and up along the front of spine. Keep gaze down towards belly throughout exercise. Do 5 times.
Modified Double leg Stretch
Lying down, knees bent at 90 degree angle, feet off floor. Place hands on the backs of thighs (closer to your bum. which supports your back as legs move away from center). Exhale lift your head and shoulders off the floor, again thinking that the curl of upper torso is coming from between the shoulder blades. Also make sure suspension bridge is sinking and dropping (aka scooping out the belly). Inhale legs straighten out at a 65 degree angle (keep legs together. A pillow or ball will help with this). Exhale bend knees in but keep a resistance by gently pressing backs of legs into hands and hands into legs. This will keep you from folding in and flapping legs out. Do this 5 times.
P.S. Feel free to post questions you might have to help clarify!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Peaceful Weekend in the mountains!

Ahh! What a weekend. The three of us headed up to the ranch for some much needed R&R! We left Boulder on Friday night arriving well after Hens bedtime. Fortunately, he feel asleep in the car ride and were able to transplant him into his cozy bed (that would be a pak n play that is nearly to small now, nonetheless cozy).
Saturday morning we woke to morning fog with rays of sun peaking over the horizon. Snow had fallen over night dusting the surfaces where snow had melted. What a morning. We ate and quickly dressed for a morning hike. Realizing now after last weeks hike that Hen is quite a good walker we trekked out allowing him to chose our path. He was searching for water to splash in (March and April become the muddy season up in the mountains. Although there is still snow it is starting to melt). After about 45 minutes of our hike, he opted to jump aboard his daddy's shoulders. High altitude, mountain air and exerting energy definitely makes the belly hungry. We came home for a really good lunch of hummus, bread, cheese and grapes. Yum! Nap time called real quickly after that and put Hen down. Both Dean and I followed suit shortly after laying on the sofa and reading.
Sleeping, reading, eating and exercising equals RANCH! It's the life really. We don't have to have but one night up at the ranch really to feel like we have gotten away from the chaos, to slow down, relax and actually enjoy company. After naps, Dean and Henry started up the old Jeep Willy, which my grandfather had purchased in 1954. That Jeep has so many memories! Not only did my dad learn to drive in that car, but I too learned to drive when I was 9! With all the acreage and hidden dirt roads there are many adventures to be had, some to be quite honest, a bit scary! However, I do hope little Hen gets to learn to drive in it too. At the way he's going, I think this will be the case. Deans already got him steering it!
After a little tour in the jeep, we headed to town for some groceries and a cup of our much beloved espresso from Rocky Mountain Roastery ...mmmmm! After our shopping and checking out the ski train, yes Hen loves trains, we headed home. Before we knew it, it was time to eat again! Dinner of roast chicken, red quinoa, and asparagus! Night night!
Sunday morning we woke with less motivation as to whether it was our bodies response to so much peace and relaxation, or to that fact we are getting over colds, I am not sure. I'd like to think the former! We still managed to get out for a truck ride (yes we have to pull out all the ranch vehicles while we are up there visiting). Visualize a 1960's pick up that is ORANGE and actually dumps! Pretty darn cool. We took the truck to the neighboring ranch, Devils Thumb Ranch, which is actually a beautiful eco-lodge. It is one of the most fabulous places to cross country ski in the country. Fortunately for us, they lease some of our land so the perks are great. We went to check out the animals at Devil's Thumb. They have horses, chickens, a goat, a sheep and a rabbit. Henry loved feeding the horseys and pointing out all the horse poop (yes, that was fun and he was helpful in pointing it out so that we wouldn't step in it)!
After our return from a visit with the animals, we had lunch and a nap. Again we all partook in the much needed rest as visiting with the animals was much effort...not.
Once awake, it took a lot to have to start the process of packing and cleaning up as that means it is time to leave. Which is so depressing as it is an indication that we have to get back to reality. I'd like to some how assimilate the ranch as our reality so I'll have to work on that (make note to self).
We arrived home last night around 8 after having stopped off at Whole Foods for some dinner. Henry conked out to bed. Both Dean and I sorted out the luggage and then managed to catch up on some t.v. (hmm catch up on some t.v. as if that is like catching up on one's bills, or something).
All in all, we had a much needed decompressing session at the ranch. It is our slice of heaven really and I hope we have it in the years to come as it is such a magical place for Henry to grow up.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Oh my poor babe. Last night was one tough adventure. I woke close to midnight hearing sounds of sobbing and Hen calling my name. In my daze, I listened to his cries. It subsided so I fell back asleep. Again, I woke 45 min later to Hen coughing and crying. Oh no, that coughing was actually choking! I ran to his room to find that he had thrown up all over his bed and all over his pjs. The poor muffin was half awake sitting on the floor with his head resting on his bed (he has one of those small convert crib to bed things). I picked him up held him close and took him to our room, despite that he had debris all over him and yes it was quite smelly much to the dislike of my own belly. I quickly took off his clothes and beckoned my honey Dean to get some change of clothes, towels and a washcloth. Once we all changed we got into our bed, Hen completely out like a light at this point. I may have thought that it was all well and good, but not 10 minutes later Hen woke to some more choky. Oh poor baba! Again called upon the hubby to grab the towels and washcloths to help clean up the mess. Now, we had the towel ready for any mishap. Again 20 min later he had another bought (not much left in his little belly so it was mainly dry heeving-yikes,don't like visualizing that one). That was it for the rest of the night but it was now 2:30 am. I could not comfortably fall back into a deep sleep as I had a sick baby who has never had thrown up before AND my little baby does not usually sleep with us, so we had our 2 yr old toddler sleeping perpendicular to our bodies (fortunately I did not have his feet on my end or I would have really had a night from hell). Next I looked it was 4:45 and then the last the time I looked it was 5:15. I finally got out of bed at 6:30 am. Henry managed to get up quickly and in some ways seemed like his old self, except he wasn't asking to go downstairs right away for his breakfast. As much as I was convinced that he was feeling better, we had one more unfortunate bought of the chokies after a breakfast of carbs (waffles and honey bunnies, a few bites anyway). Then that was it. The rest of the day was pretty relaxed. After an hour outside at the park to get some fresh air, a really good nap and some rice for lunch and dinner, I think (and hope) tomorrow will be a better day.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's feelin like SPRING!

Yeah, it's been awhile. I am turning over a new leaf. Deciding that it really might be a good idea to invest a little time into my blog. Feeling like the outlet for life, mommy-hood and business would be good. And although I do write in a journal to document moments in my sons life, it would be nice to touch upon it here. I managed to get through the winter without posting one darn thing, but chances are we'll have one more snow before spring really begins. However, today was fantastically spring! At 72 degrees with full sun (which fortunately happens around here about 300 out of 365), I opted to take Hen to hike the Sanitas trail. Well part of it anyway. Sanitas is a trail that loops a hillside. So even though you must go up, you also must come down. It really is one of my faves. Any how, I took Henry on a portion of it. He loved stepping up the rocks and roots that lay across the trail. On occassion he even pointed out a few drops of 'doggy poopy' which he continued to do as if it was a scavenger hunt of sorts, searching out poop. He loved it and well loved to run down the steep slopes too where there were loose rocks abound. Didn't faze him even if he tripped and fell flat a few times. He'd brush it off and continued on. We'll have to go hiking again real soon.