Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bring on the blogging

It's been a sabbatical from the blogging world. Welcome back.
Here's to the adventures that lie ahead!

Monday, April 26, 2010

California Days

We had the pleasure of taking a quick trip to San Diego for some R&R/beach time. Hen could not contain himself for the following reasons:
Plane trip
Cousin Norah
San Diego
Niceh (Nees-ey)
Cousin Norah

For a little tyke, Henry has an incredible memory. Of course he remembers his cousin, but he manages to make the San Diego/beach connection. Well he should as he is a California baby (by birth right-ha ha. He truly IS a beach baby).
Any who, we had a wonderful time. As soon as our tickets were booked I called my acupuncturist Carrie, to get me in for 2 sessions that week. Boy do I need my acupuncture. I so miss it and I haven't gone the extra mile to find someone here in DC. I must admit I do get stuck in the rat race/pace in DC (mental note..don't DO that).
As soon as my body hit that table and the first needle went in, I was relieved. I mean completely relieved. It was pure. It was relaxing and I could breath. All buzzing completely left my body and all my natural rhythms could sync. My body was home.
Having had my acupuncture visits I found that my ability to cope with a roving 3 year was so much EASIER and stable. Wow, what a concept.
After I received my first TREATment at the acupuncturist that Friday, I managed to go with my mom to get a much needed pedicure followed by some shopping.
During my 'free' afternoon of replenishing, Henry had the opportunity to spend time with his old nanny Eunice (aka Niceh) and her son Joshua. It was such a momentous occasion for Hen and I was delighted by his affection towards her. When she arrived that Friday morning, Hen completely shot out like an arrow to throw his arms around her. He was so happy to see her. He also was happy to see Joshua. Their day was filled with playing at park, visiting with her family in Chula Vista and scooters.

Henry with Niceh, Joshua and Norah

During our first visit back to the beach, we anticipated a quick visit to the tide pools in La Jolla (one of my most favorite areas, small beach in the windnsea area of La Jolla). This turned into a 2 hour visit with all clothes off except his skivvies (underwear). He loooovved the water. Loved loved loved it! Wow! This kid has no fear. I don't think he has a full understanding that he can't swim all that well.

Heading for the sea

Norah and Hen playing in the sand

Tidal pool where they find miniature crab

After running in and out from the waves, collecting shells and digging in the sand, we finally rounded up the kids and headed back home to my sisters house.
During that week, the days were full of activity, but I found some much needed relief. I enjoyed walks to the park, the cool crisp breeze, the flowers and the good food!

Hen and I

Friday, March 5, 2010

The child turns 3 and now it's time for Skis!!

With all this fabulous snow we have had here in the metropolitan area, we took it upon ourselves to take our lil man Hen to the skis slopes. Skiing in the east coast is nothing quite like skiing in the west, but I figure, if you can ski in the east (with all that crap ice) then you definitely can manage the snow in the west (give or take the altitude along with some of those black diamonds). Any way, as far as a 3 year old is concerned this is IT!
We took Henry on Presidents weekend (the Monday) to White Tail. It is a local spot about an hour a half from DC. It is right at the border of Maryland and Pennsylvania. After mentioning it a few times leading up to the big day, Henry was anticipating a new adventure. Sure he knew he was going skiing however, I am not so sure he knew what to expect....the Olympics were on so he had an idea...:)

We decided it was best to get a private instructor who would take Henry out along with the mama and the dada. To initially guide Henry to life on skis but then to also give us the tools to further support him on the slopes. It was FUN!

Henry had a knack for them from the start. With some pretty stellar balance, he managed so well. We started at the lessons slope (the area that is sectioned off for ski school). Phil our instructor, aka Dr Phil, started by taking off one of Henry's skis. Henry at that moment, laid it out to Phil and said, "No, I don't want to ski with one ski, but I want both skis on." Hmm, ok, guess there is no need for the teacher to go over with balance with a child who is not having any true signs of difficulty balancing on the skis. Next skill, Ski walk ski walk ski (one foot in ski the other walking). Ok Henry was going to have NOTHING to do with that, He wanted to ski down the mountain. Point blank he told Phil, "I want to go up on that machine (the chair lift) to the TOP of the mountain and then ski down REALLY fast."

FInally, Phil agreed, we'd go on the chair lift to the top of the mountain and ski down. As our chair lift was a two seater, Phil took Henry up with him, Dean and I followed. Henry LOVED the chair lift, I think it may be one of his favorite parts, the disembarking part and skiing down the ramp (that happened to be the most fearful part for me as a kid, as I was one of those who signaled to the chair lift operator to slow the lift down so I could get off as a little lightie (young one for those who don't speak South African slang).

As Henry and Phil rode up the lift together, Phil explained the ski concepts. "French Fries" aka parallel skis. This was to help Henry not only off the lift but also when it came to skiing down the mountain. He explained that 3 year olds don't comprehend pizza slice (snow plow) to stop, so he doesn't teach it. He teaches these little lighties to either ski to you into your arms and to hockey stop (parallel skis). Very interesting.

Needless to say, Henry maybe only managed to hockey stop 2 or 3 times the whole day (and most likely without realizing that that was what he was doing). All in all, he rocked. My baby was actually skiing. He flat out was doing it and on his own. He kept saying, "I want to go fast. I want to go really fast!" On occasion he aimed for the trees which at times kept me on my heels. It was these moments that I realized he like to ski to the left and not so much to the right (just like his mama). In the same way that I can ice skate better on my left foot than my right and that I skate better on my outside edges then I do on my inside edges. Hmm.
Any who, we continued the day in utter fantasy land. We were all having a blast and it was FUN! We were all having SO MUCH FUN! I loved watching Henry take on the challenge and enjoy it with all his little being.

In the course of a few weeks we have been twice and I hope that we can get in one more ski before the year is up! The second go around was as much fun and this time Henry was starting to figure out that he could jump by bending down into a squat and then picking up his feet, he thought that was utter fun!
Oh the triumphs of a 3 year old!! I am so so proud of him.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Round TWO!

This snow is INCREDIBLE! INSANE! I've never in my life seen so much snow. And it is still coming down - snow storm number 2!

Here is what things looked like two days ago:

Car is covered.

Hen helping dad with shoveling!

snow pose!

Here is what things look like TODAY:


Mischievous Child!

Needless to say, this time together as a family is a lot of fun! Will post some photos shortly of our our indoor adventures!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Keepin it cozy this weekend!

It has been a nutty weekend. The snow started here in DC on Friday at 10:45 am. It snowed until Saturday afternoon about 2 pm. It has been such a gorgeous snow! It is prefect timing as Lil Hen and I have been sick with a nasty cold so hunkering down in the house doesn't feel so bad except for now that it is utterly sunny, we do need to get out.

Friday evening.
My car is starting to disappear.

Friday night.
Our back deck is also disappearing!

Saturday morning.
Yikes, my car pretty much disappeared!
Won't be moving that one for awhile.

Sunday morning.
Sunny calm. Can't get out my back door.

This snow is amazing. It is quite unbelievable. I don't recall this much snow, ever in the DC area. Colorado perhaps. But even now, there is not this much snow in the mountains of Colorado. I've kept things quite unplanned and relaxed this weekend as it is just Henry and I. The honey husband went to Utah to ski Park City with his best friend. I'm amazed he made it out as he left early Friday morning when everyone tried to leave DC for the weekend. Needless to say he got bumped from his flight (and without even any courtesy tickets or anything). Instead he ended up taking the train up to NYC and flew out from there. Talk about die-hard to get outta town! Poor guy. He deserves it though as he hasn't had a boys weekend in sometime. My Brother and his fiance made the trek over yesterday for a fire in the fireplace. It was really nice to see some faces as we've been experiencing a little cabin fever Henry and I. Before my brother came over we made some Valentines which was lots of fun!

Henry's Valentines.
Do you see the two Valentine Trucks?

My little bit of California is starting to bloom!
I LOVE jasmine!

Let's see if Dean ends up coming home tonight. I have a feeling our airports are still closed. He may have to fly back into JFK and then train it back home. What an adventure.
My brother is coming to pick us up so that we can get out and about and have a change of scenery too! Looking forward to to an adventure! Apparently, snow is scheduled for Tuesday. Whoa!

Monday, February 1, 2010

A YEAR in Pictures!

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We had an incredible year! Here's to making more memories
and accomplishing our dreams and aspirations!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's been awhile!

Oh no no no! I've been sucked into a massive time warp. So much to say! Stay tuned shortly.