Thursday, September 25, 2008

Open Space

We've moved back to Boulder and settling in our new home! Two weeks have passes and boxes abound, but nearly all unpacked. We've got the artwork to hang, office to set up as well as our guest room. Yikes! Moving with a toddler is quite the challenge...not only are you having to cope with their adjustments to a new place/home, but it takes nearly twice the amount of time to unpack a box and put things away. Not happening as orderly and quickly as I'd like (gonna just have to let that one go)!
On another note...I can breath! Ah, am loving the fresh mountain air. The open space. Yesterday, the honey, hen and I went on one of my favorite trail runs. We loaded the bob stroller in the car and drove all of 5 minutes to a loop near the Boulder Reservoir (can't remember the name). We took a nice leisure run around the loop. Hen loved observing all the scenery and the animals...."birds!" Besides seeing birds, we also ran by a horse, some geese, a few dogs and some mountain bikers. What delight! I am ecstatic that Hen hen will be growing up with these scenes, this environment and this space. What a wonderful place for little ones.

As for my first run back in hight altitude, the first 15 min., I must admit, I had a slight cramp in my upper ribs, but once I warmed up I managed to keep a good speed (well I didn't have to pull off the trail to stop and rest). With a slight burn in the lungs, I managed to make it up the one gradual hill (and slightly surprised too)! Not sure I will be quite as optimistic after my first run/walk of Sanitas Trail, but will be sure to update you all on that one when the time comes!
More on our Boulder life, coming soon...... :)

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