Wednesday, November 18, 2009

weekend away!

This is something to look forward to! A weekend away with my family. So excited! As much as a trip to Botswana is high on my list of "to do's," there is nothing like going away for a few days to see dear friends. After our hectic day we have planned for tomorrow, we hop in the car and drive to Princeton, NJ to see our good friends Nic and Jodie ! Nic's birthday is Friday so we plan to celebrate, hang out, enjoy their newly built house and eat good food. Must get through day tomorrow.
Hen has no school, so he plays with babysitter for part of the day as I work. We have a pressie to pick up, a bank to make deposit (fortunately not to withdraw), a car to wash. YIKES!
The time-line is written in my calendar and now I must dash to bed before I burn my eyes out.

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Kirsty said...

Hey Kate! Have just been having a quick catch up on your blog - and looked at your pics of Henry in his costumes, and then saw your hubby and thought: "OMG! Thats Dean!!" What a small world we live in! I used to run with your hubby when we were at school! How freaky is that??
You have been tagged on my blog x