Thursday, October 18, 2012

One Liners!

It would be in my best interest to utilize this blog as best as I can to document some of those quick moments in time, where your child says the funniest or quirkiest thing. Note to self, make a point to write them down!

Yesterday, was one of those days Hen was on a roll.  Once he got off the bus that he told me he had 'THE BEST DAY EVER!'  So I asked him what happened.  He told me that he got to be a 'patrol' on the bus!  Here's a little background:
Since he started Kindergarten, one of the highlights for him is to ride the bus to school and back.  What a lucky kid (I never got to do that).  Well he is IN LOVE with one of the patrols on the bus, Gracie, who is a 5th grader I might add....(we're in trouble).  So his conversation once off the bus is usually about the patrols and how he wants to be one etc, etc. So yesterday, he go to be one!  "The best part," he said, "is that I got to give high fives to everyone who got off the bus stop!" Woo hoo, little man!  It just lights up my life that something like high five-ing kids getting off the bus, brings the kid so much joy!  LOVE IT!

Then early this morning while having family time in bed (6:45 am), Henry says, "I want to kiss a girl!"  I respond, "Oh, who do you want to kiss?"  "I want to kiss the girl I am going to marry."  "Do you know who you are going to marry?" I inquire?  "No, I don't.  Mom, how will I know who I am going to marry?  What if I can't find someone? "  I'm thinking in my head, 'this boy truly has nothing to worry about.' But I was a little taken by the fact that he was truly concerned about this, as a 5 year old.  This thought popped into thin air as soon as Hen said that he wanted to marry me, "No actually," he said, "I want to marry Daddy."  Ahh, phew! The kid still is really quite uninhibited on the whole subject and we'll go ahead and keep it that way for awhile.  

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