Friday, May 17, 2013

Confessions of a magazine addict

I must let it be told that I have a condition, a magazine condition. Some women have a boot condition other women have a bag condition (I have a little of that one), but my biggest condition is my magazine collection. I LOVE periodicals!! Not just any magazine's, but design magazines.. like Coastal Living, Elle Decor and HGTV to name a few. Heck you can throw in some Instyle Mag. At times I bombard my family members who travel from SA to bring some South African design mags like Elle Decoration SA and Visi mag. 
Not so proud that my imprint on the environment doesn't bode well, so am starting to get my magazines downloaded on my iPad. It just isn't the same as the glossy surfaces of a magazine, but will have to work at it to get used to it!!
Yes, it's a bit of a condition, but one that is hard to let go! 

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