Friday, August 1, 2008


Well, it has been almost an ENTIRE month since I last wrote. What? Life has gotten in the way of me actually getting the time to SIT, contemplate and then write in my cyber journal, which I so desperately need to do. At the moment, time is spent with hen, work, husband AND "So You Think You Can Dance." What a show! I think that reality show completely ROCKS! My fave's are between Twitch, Joshua and Katee. Oh heck, what is gonna happen? I've got so wrapped up in this thing! Ok, so I don't watch a whole lot of T.V., but when I get into something, I get into it! I get glued to that T.V. (prob why I try not to watch the darn thing). Let's THANK the DVR for all the possibilities! I record the show and then we watch them at our leisure, rewinding our favorite performances over and over. Any how, I've decided that I got to get my dancin shoes on again here and NOW! I love to DANCE! But it has been about a LONG 10 years since I danced consistently. It will be quite a challenge to jump start my body to move like that again. Heck, it may never again. Sad thought.
Will continue to day dream about my life long ambition of becoming a dancer and I will get back to this blog spot again soon......

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