Wednesday, July 2, 2008

bye bye, bye bye boo boo

We've had a hectic week of massive ouchies. Which I guess is to be expected in a 17 month old boy. (Fortunately they did not result in going to the ER.) Being a first time mom-mee moo-mee, I try really hard not to overact when he has an accident, as I don't want to freak him out. However, we give lots of hugs and kisses, to help make the boo boo feel much better. Somehow baby 'hen's' head manages to find the corners of our coffee table and t.v. unit. What's up with that? I still see those falls and trips in slow motion. His head is the target and all those edges and corners somehow find the bulls-eye. It kills me. But 'hen' is a huge trooper. After a little bit of crying to deal with the pain and aftershock, as well as applying a bag o peas and a band-aid, he switches gears and returns to his jovial little self. Still it freaks me out... seeing blood coming from your baby's wound. I did not go to the doctor either time he hit his head, but did watch for signals of concussion. Plus the cuts only bled for 1 to 3 minutes, an indication that the wound can heal itself. I've heard that after 10 minutes of bleeding, you should get it stitched up? As well as if it is in an area where the skin stretches and moves often? Now that his wounds are scabs, I've been putting aloe gel on to help with any potential scarring. Apparently aloe gel, is a great healing remedy for cuts, burns etc.
However, since the babe's boo boo's, the request for Teletubbies (tub tub's as little 'hen' calls them) has been on the rise. What a bizarre show, but surely is educational as my child has picked up on words, numbers and golf. We watch PBS, Discovery Channel and Golf (I know strange but the child loves it. I don't even know how to play). PBS is probably the most watched and our faves are: Zaboomafoo, Teletubbies and Sesame Street. These are great little programs and our babe just adores them. DVR'ing the programs, allows us to watch them at appropriate times. DVR=godsend! So, the 'tub tubs' are in our life at the moment. Not just when we have the opportunity to watch them on the T.V., but when we are out at the shops, on the phone with the grand parents and even when walking by strangers. Little 'hen' shouts out...bye bye, bye bye, bye bye, bye bye, bye, bye bye, bye. Over and over again! This is cute, but it could get annoying?! Check out the above link to Teletubbies (I prefer the UK site as they give us parents a little understanding of tub tub land)!

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