Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bat Days

We are now experiencing the life of superhero's in our household. From Spiderman to Batman (toy manufacturers have a superb was of marketing to kids as we have never watched these these shows) and even to the likes of Word Girl (this tv program we do watch). We are players in this make believe world. It is a daily ritual to put on capes and become one of our favored invincible hero's.

The make-believe stories change and evolve, the imagination of a child is greater than any tangible source (tv, books etc). Don't get me wrong we love to read and we love a handful of kid tv programs and it is these vehicles as well as other informational tools, like storytelling (we like to make-up as we go) that help bring a child's imagination rolling along.
Delving into Henry's stories, the ones that he concocts from his 'magination,' are incredibly voyeuristic! I love playing along to be apart of the epic.




Pickle glasses

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