Wednesday, September 12, 2012

5 Months

I can't believe how time truly is flying. I know we all talk about it and experience it, but if we can just slow down a tad, please!?
Baby girl just turned 5 months this past Saturday (Sept 8th), she is becoming such an independent young little darling.  With such skills in the social scene!!! She smiles at everyone, coos, giggles, flirts, reaches out for mommy, talks up a storm (she loves to tell me all about it).  About a week ago we started her on some cereal.  SHE LOVES IT!  She is practically feeding herself.  She just wants to grab at that spoon and shovel it in!  Not so fast little fire cracker!
So far her body is acclimating.  I was sure to mix in more breast milk than cereal for almost a week.  I've now beefed up the bulk a little so she can work with a new consistency and have it stick to her bones a bit.  
Her sleeping is spot on.  Last night was her first night without waking to eat.  She did make a few sounds here and there, but she went back to sleep right away.  She is now sleeping in her own crib in her room :(
She is no longer in the mommy and daddy's room.  What a big girl!

5 Months!

My Cuties

Jumparoo time!

Sucking Toes!

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