Wednesday, September 5, 2012

One week down!


Yes, Henry is in Kindergarten!  Last Monday, the 27th was a very big day. 
The night before we read, The Night Before Kindergarten ( a very cute book btw).
He was giddy with excitement! He kept telling me, I'm going to Kindergarten tomorrow, Mommy! After his bedtime routine, bath, book, crackers, teethbrushing and a quick spine rub (aka back rub), Henry quickly fell asleep (and to my surprise)!
He woke early (6:30 am) and couldn't believe that this was the DAY!  He quickly dressed and was eating breakfast by 7 am, well slightly, it was more like a few bites...he was so excited and probably quite nervous about his big day, that he didn't have an appetite!  He had his backpack with his lunch box secured in place (it clips onto the pack) by 7:30 am.  He literally danced about the house with his pack on waiting for 8 am, when we could leave for the bus see, he didn't want to MISS the bus.  We opened the front door to leave the house about 8 am after having peeked out our front windows to see if our two neighbors, also kindergartners, who live across the street were out front. The kids dashed out and into the street (we have a quiet street), screaming with excitement about their new adventure..kindergarten and going on the BUS. The parents said our good mornings with coffees in hand. Up the street a mere half block is our stop, luckily we were some of the first to arrive at the stop...Henry was screaming, "We can't miss the bus!"  
We all anticipated the arrival of the bus.  Henry shook with excitement!  At about 15 past 8 the big yellow bus came around the bend.  The kids screamed, "the bus, it's here!"  We gave our kisses and hugs goodbye.
The bus stopped, the kids started grabbing for their friends hands as they approached the bus.  Henry took Quinn's hand.  They had agreed to sit with each other and were going to stay together and help one another get to their classroom and all.  Henry stepped up onto the first step of the bus and as he did this, my anticipation of this whole experience now multiplied..and then my heart dropped!  Oh my, my little baby is now off to Elementary school!  He's really a big boy.  

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