Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the beginning

Finally! The very first entry. Yes, today is the day I have become an official blogger! I think I am ready, although I've tormented over how I would establish my blog. What do I want to share, how much do I want to reveal, why do I want to blog, who is my audience? Well, well, I've decided not to get too heady over this thing and just do it! Just freakin write something already!
As I sit to write this very first entry, my son 'hen' is having his mid-day nap. Well it is more like a deep sleep slumber as he has now been asleep for about 3 hours...ohh, just as I wrote that '3', he is now calling "mommee, mommee, mum mum, mum!" Ok, later. I will return to finish this out!
....back about 5 hours later. Managing some bill paying and phone calls while 'hen' plays with E, our wonderful sitter, and her son J. Thought I'd also tell you about Astrolabe (check out, a free on-site Astrological chart. I just created one for E.G., my dear friends new bundle o baby joy.

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Haley-O said...

Congrats on your first post!!! Great first post. :)