Friday, June 27, 2008

the biz

hello hello...yes, skipped a day from my new endeavors here in the blogoshere. Oh well...
I can't believe Friday has already arrived! Yesterday was a day full of admin for home and biz. Little 'hen' went to Sea World for the very first time with his nanny and her son (who 'hen' adores). My babe keeps talking about Elmo (have a Sesame Street theme for Toddler's at Sea World). Think he had a blast. While my babe was in full force play, I was out looking for a new space for my Pilates studio. For the past 5 years I have been teaching P-lots out of my home studio. This has worked out quite well, but now that the babe is coming into Toddler stages, showing independence and all, I think it is time I make a bit more separation between home and work. I feel very fortunate though to be able to work from home. That E, the nanny, and 'hen' are just a few steps away. This was especially important during the nursing stages too. Any who, I saw two spaces. One space was a room in a Wellness center. Unfortunately it was not that big especially for what they were asking per month. The pros are that it is within a Wellness center which supports the approach I take within my teaching (more on that, another time). Another big plus is it would promote referrals. The second space is above a salon and an esthetician in a hip part of town. It has great light and wood floors. The space would be my own. Yup, rent is a bit more too, but it has been vacant for awhile so perhaps I can talk em down? Am in no rush at this point so I will continue to keep my options open.
As for the weekend, am planning a quiet one (I need to catch up on my sleep, wishful I tell ya). Honey husband and I have planned a date (just dinner, no overnight unfortunately) for Saturday at this cute boutique hotel and restaurant called The Pearl visit Very cozy easy going ambiance. It was an old 1950's motel, that has been completely refurbished and now sports some major grooviness including ambient groove tunes (also check out, a dive-in theatre (a huge movie screen poolside), and a cute pet goldfish in each room! Food is delish and looking forward to sitting by the pool with hubby as well as glass in hand!

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Eek! A brand new blog. How exciting, Kate! Hope you have lots of fun. And thanks for stopping by eLuckypacket. Please pass on to any SA'ns you know.

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