Monday, June 30, 2008

the holiday (well in need of one)!

Monday morning is here! A start to a new week and I am already completely exhausted. Friday night was relaxing and slightly mindless. We watched....Mr. Bean's Holiday. OK, I know! "Mr. Bean?" you say. Well, yes. I needed something completely off-kilter, bizarre, sporadic, laughable and just not perfect. I needed to see something that conveyed a sense caziness. So that I feel slightly better about my un-perfect self.
Saturday was date night with honey husband! Unfortunately our plan to go to The Pearl did not pan out as they had booked their restaurant out for a wedding party. Next time. Instead we went to our neighborhood Japanese (authentically Japanese) restaurant. They have simply the best food and at wonderfully affordable prices (and that is what we need now, affordable, with the crazy gas prices here in So. Cal). My favorites are the seaweed salad, the Soba noodles, and yes their sushi! We finished it off with some cold Saki! Divine!
Sunday was the grocery shopping and laundry day....pretty boring if you ask me, but we managed to get in some playtime over at Auntie's house (my sister). Fortunately it is all of one block away! I feel quite lucky that I have her so close by. 'Hen' loves going to 'Dante's (as pronounced by baby)' house. We like to help her water her plants.

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