Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yoga time

Yups! It is that time again. Yoga teacher training is in full force this week with my mentor and teacher, Shannon von Burns.

This intensive is, well, quite intense! We are not even half way through the program. It ends early 2012.
The past two days have been about shoulder openers, legs, back bends, shoulder openers, bandas/abdominals and shoulders! Yes, a lot of opening our shoulders the past 24 hours. Note to self: buy EPSON SALT! We are also, doing our meditations and our breath work as well, so these centering aspects really help level us while doing all these deep and intense asanas. Tonight my two favorite asanas:
Warrior III against the wall. We started with blocks under our hands then collecting our "bandas" deep pelvic floor and then placing our arms up over our heads and interlacing our fingers (pointer fingers out)
Hand Stands with the strap slightly above elbows (at the wall). This one was NUTS. Well in a good way. Shannon spotted me as I am still working on opening my shoulders and gaining the strength. While in the handstand, she supported my legs as I lifted my pelvic floor, squeezed my legs/knees/feet together and lifted (I also had to adjust my pelvis a bit too).

Here's a little more about this incredible woman who I am so honored to be training with and learning from!

Shannon von Burns

"Shannon von Burns believes Hatha Vinyasa Yoga is the antidote to all our daily challenges. She is a teacher's teacher, known for her healing approach to yoga. She holds over 1000+ hours of yoga studies and is an anatomy geek. Firmly rooted in the deeper principles of the Raja Yoga System, Shannon shares philosophy in her classes , in a no-dogmatic, positive and joyful way.

Shannon has been teaching yoga for 10+ years. Her love for yoga is fueled by watching her students progress, laugh and heal. Originally from Los Angeles, Shannon is also a renowned master bodyworker, yoga therapist and walking therapist. She is currently studying Ayurveda and teaches Master Classes, Intro to Yoga and Ayurvedic Lifestyle as a way to continue the practice of unity off the mat. As a yoga therapist, Shannon utilizes gentle and supported yoga postures to help relieve chronic neck and back pain, migraine head aches, frozen shoulder, joint movement, Sacro-Iliac dysfunction and numerous other chronic pain related issues. She encourages her students to learn how to modify their practice to heal their bodies.

Shannon's walking therapy involves applying yoga principles and philosophy to carry yoga alignment into your daily life through the lens of your walking technique or gait. She welcomes all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities. Her motto: "Yoga is for healing everyone, including you!" "

This afternoon while playing with Henry, I had made a comment about how I had a headache or something about my shoulders "nemesis" being tight and Henry piped up, "Mom, you know you should use your breath (he starts to inhale through his nose), its good for you, you know. You should do your Yoga cause it is really calming." Yes, he used the words breath, yoga and calming. I've trained the little guy well! I about oodled all over him in with hugs and kisses after that one. Boy I love that child!

Off to regurgitate all the modifications and adjustments (that are swirling in my head) that we did tonight, in bed.

Downward-Facing Dog: SanSkrit: Adho Mukha Svanasana
(note to self: fix head placement, drop heels)!

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Cooper Heyes said...

It can be surprisingly intense, innit? The poses can be tough sometimes, but once you're able to do them, it's very satisfying. The more you do, the easier it becomes, and the feeling becomes kind of comforting.