Friday, June 3, 2011

A schlew of things....

There are many blog topics that I have on mind these days, so decided that I would end the week with an array of things!

Memorial Weekend!

After much persistence from our 4.5 yr old, we finally took Hen doodle to NYC!
Will write a post about this adventure as the 3 of us had a blast!

Interior design is one of my secret addictions! Currently I am trying to decide what color to paint my front door. Thinking that a yellow door will add a nice pop to my white house with gray shutters....

Here are some of my faves!!

But there is always blue too.....

Blue Door, Dublin Ireland, 2007. By Michael Gebauer Photography

Not quite sure what to choose, but will go buy test colors tomorrow to make my decision.

Greens Drink to start the day off!
Today was a fun and nutty day, but managed to start it off with a greens drink, which was actually quite delish, especially with pineapple coconut juice. My acupuncturist gave me this sample to try out. It has greens and minerals (like Kale, alfalfa, basil, dulse, kelp, nori) as well as various enzymes and probiotics!

Enjoy the weekend!!

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