Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Baby Bunnies

Last Thursday, Dean and I saw a bunny in our yard building this:

We thought, "Cute, it's building a little nest for itself." We left and a few hours later, it seemed that the nest was flattened, so we thought, "Oh, well, it must of moved on."

Monday morning, we were leaving our house and Henry screeches, "Mommy, Mommy, come look it, it's a baby piggy."

Me: "Huh?"

Henry: "Mommy, Daddy, you've got to come out here and see this, it's a little piggy, just lying here. Not moving"

Me: Thinking.... Um, no, can't be a piggy. Two, uh, lying there not moving? Dean better go look.

Long story short. We have baby bunnies in a nest in our yard. And on Monday morning, a predator, took one out and laid it on our pathway, left for dead. It seemed that some thing got to it and had taken off its ear and knocked its poor little head.

Not knowing what the heck to do, and a little bit frantic, I went over to our neighbors house.
Me: "Mary will know what to do!"

Sure enough, she did. We took this little creature over to the Second Chance Wild Life Refuge. They cleaned him and check him out and then put him in a warmer. I hope the little thing survives.

Low and behold there are two more.

So everyday we have been watching this nest, like a hawk to make sure that no prey comes to get them. However, we learned that the neighbor Mary, her cat had brought one of the baby bunnies to her bed last night at 1 am. She brought it back to the nest. So today we thought to put a milk crate over it during the non feeding times (the mom has come over to feed at 8 am and then again at around 7 pm). For some reason she did not feed them this evening and we are a little worried that she may have come this afternoon and couldn't get to them because we had the box over them. Fark!

So what to do?! We wait and watch. Hoping these little guys make it!

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