Thursday, July 7, 2011

Motion, Summers here....

Well it is sad to say that summer is swiftly moving right along!
There is swirling going on at the moment and am just starting to catch my breath since Henry has been out of school for the past two weeks.

Firstly, I would like to update our little bunny story. Sadly we were left with ONE bunny. Not sure who or what took the second, but it was gone, and its predator only left little bunny feet behind-eek!
After watching the remaining bunny like it was our own baby, and not seeing the mom return to the nest for 24 hours, we decided to take the bunny to the wildlife refuge. We were relieved to know that little bunny was going to make it! He was slightly dehydrated since he hadn't had mommies milk, but the Vets at the refuge were going to take good care of him.

Hen and I just returned from a trip to California to visit my sister and niece. We took an overnight trip to Ojai California to visit some family friends of ours. They have a beautiful property up in the hills/mtns, overlooking the avocado orchards and the mountains beyond. What a gorgeous place to be. The days were hot hot hot and the evenings cool. I love weather where you can open your windows and doors at night to allow the cool breezes in (and not have to worry too much about the bugs, minus the snakes, however).

We ate delicious food, some right off their property. Delicious peaches! We took a ride in their mule which to our surprise drove up steep hillsides. It was super fun to ride in and Henry decided he had a 'new' toy. He has asked me for his own mule!

Leslie is an artist. She owns a gallery in the heart of Ojai. Her gallery is called Nomad Gallery which has artifacts from Africa and India. She also displays her beautiful paintings and jewelry designs as well.

18 years ago, Leslie landed in the Sahara desert as an inquisitive artist.
A chance meeting with the Wodaabe nomads took her on a path that changed her life. After visiting this nomadic family the second time a year later and seeing the poverty they lived in, she decided to give them a gift of $200. On her return the next year the family explained that with the gift they had purchased a cow and because of that they were able to remain nomadic. The realization that this relatively small sum could transform a family's life made her realize that she could make a difference. Thus began in 1997, the Nomad Foundation, a non profit that helps these groups. Leslie travels to Niger every year for a few months, to continue her work to help sustain the Nomadic life of the Tuareg and Wodaabe as well as oversea the Tamesna center which she opened in 2010 that provides medical aid. She is amazing!

Here are a few of her paintings:

To learn more about her foundation (, please click here

Here are a few family pics of our time in San Diego. Wishing that Dean was with us on this trip!

Good Morning Ojai!

The Guest House

The Mule

Henry rides Squirt!

Butterfly Bush

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