Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Adventures on the horizon...

Yesterday, I was surprised by my mom with a vacation to Hawaii with her, my sister and niece. What excitement! It was even more eventful when I called my sister last night to surprise her with the news. I can't wait to see my sister!! We'll hike, kayak and swim together!
The trip to Hawaii from the east coast will be a long one with a 4 yr old. However, I am not too worried as Henry has had quite a few long flights under his belt. I'll be sure to equip our carry-on with snacks, new books, coloring books, new ipod shows, and some games. I'm looking forward to this as I've never been to Hawaii, but have always wanted to go.
Henry and I will hop on the plane next Thursday, the 21st to San Diego to meet up with my mom, my sister and her daughter Norah. We'll then all head together to Kona the following day.
My mom and sis rented a townhouse on the west coast of Kona Island at the Waikoloa Beach Resort. I am looking forward to this vacation getaway with 'the girls' and Henry. Will be sure to take some pics and update these adventures that lie ahead.

Today involved yet another adventure, of a slightly different nature, but one that I have been pining for, acupuncture. It been a long time coming! When I lived in San Diego I had regular acupuncture visits. It grounded me, it prepped me for childbirth, it kept my body in-tune. DC living can be stressful, busy and full of life, especially while working, being a mom and wife. Keeping in balance in DC is extra difficult to do. I realize now after having been gone some 11 yrs, that most people living here are not that in-tune with nourishing their bodies. So in conjunction with my yoga study, I've started a self adventure with acupuncture. I'm building my community of holistic go-to healers! Taking the time to taking care of me!

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Kirsty said...

Good on you! I am also trained in Acupuncture and incorporate it a lot with my Physio treatments. I also used it on myself during labour ;)
Next time you're in SA, you'll have to come for a treatment x