Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week off

Downdog-self study

Today marks one week since the end of my first segment of the year long yoga teacher training with Shannon von Burns. I have been on the mat only briefly this week as I feel like my body needed some rest as well as time to mentally take in all that we experienced. I've started on some of the workbook exercises as well as study questions on Ayurveda. Currently I am reading a book called Prakriti by Dr. Svoboda, which is all about Ayurveda and how to better understand the three dosha's (vata, pitta and Kapha) that make up your Prakriti (nature). It is extremely interesting and it is amazingly spot on. More on my personal dosha's later as that will be a post within itself.
One of the most interesting aspects of this training, is that it definitely is a journey to better understand ourselves as yoga individuals before we start to delve into understanding others peoples bodies and personalities. This practice of yoga self study (our bodies and behaviors) will be giving us the tools to better understand others in their yoga process.
This self study is quite extensive and will definitely open windows that I have neglected to look through. I look forward to the adventure!!

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