Monday, April 25, 2011


We're here, (today is our 4th day)! Touching down in Kona was beautiful. Seeing the rivers of dry lava marking the land made it seem if we were landing on the moon. What a beautiful place!
After renting our car, we drove about 20 minutes north along the coast line to Waikoloa Beach Resort.

Highway 19

Lava along highway 19

Waikoloa Beach Resort is somewhat displaced among the majority of western coast of Kona, it is kind of like a little oasis. Greenery, palm trees, grass and flowers grow in abundance on the resort grounds. It's a little bizarre but beautiful. There are walking trails within the lava rock rivers (imagine a river of wet lava that runs like twisty streams and has hardened) these streams of lava rock weave throughout the Waikoloa Beach Resort. My sister and I attempted to run them but discovered quickly that it was a potential ankle breaker. We ran instead the perimeter of the resort as well as on highway 19, which made me think of all the amazing triathletes who do the Ironman each year on this road. It kind of made me shutter as Sarah and i ran in the early morning and being surrounded by all that lava rock made the heat billow. I couldn't image running on that road mid-day-talk about being cooked!

Our first morning waking up was magical!

The view from the balcony off my bedroom

We went to Anaehoomalu Bay beach, which isn't far from where we are staying. It is considered one of the best beaches here in Hawaii. It has a rare turtle cleaning station (an area where the turtles come to have the little fishies clean their backs).

Hen and Nor at A Bay Beach, Day 1

Can u spot the turtle?

Yesterday, it was another day at the beach and a dinner out (Merrimans Cafe) where I experienced my first Hawaiian Mai tai! Yum!

Hawaiian Mai Tai!

We have loads of activities scheduled for the rest of the week that we are here.
Today it will be a day at the pool. Tomorrow it will be a trip to see one a coffee plantation and a lu'au!

Stay tuned!

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