Thursday, July 16, 2009

Creating Buttons

Oh fun oh fun oh fun!
Today I did some of my very own creating! I am learning how to use html language to create buttons for the company Commandos. Very cool. I'll admit, I couldn't do this on my very own and have found a fabulous blog designer, named April, who has listed various tutorials on her site. I found April Showers Blog Design through the lovely Ali over at Holdenittogether. Thank you ladies so so much!

Here are some of my creations!

This one will be good for those who would like to post on their blogs or websites.
Nice feature is that it links to the Commandos website.

Use promo code COM-KBKb for 10% off.

This one will be used for those doctors and physical therapist whose practice focuses on patients who experience pelvic pain conditions, like Interstitial Cystitis and Vulvodynia.

Commandos O

Soft cotton alternative for painful pelvic conditions.
Click above and use promo code COM-KBK1 for 10% off.

Ok, so these took me all of a few minutes to make so I will definitely continue to play. But at least it is the start to having some more tricks up my sleeve! HA HA!

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