Thursday, July 9, 2009

Doing, doing and MORE doing!

So things are starting to get a little messy around here. I am just starting the process of packing house and things are only gonna get messier! Yesterday was paper day. I went through TONS of old piles of paper and files in my office, things that I just don't need. Desperately trying to put things in their place. This way when it comes time to put things in boxes, there aren't those completely random objects, papers and what not thrown in. Here is my approach to prepping for packing:

Few weeks before move:

- Place a box in each room designated for things you want to get rid of (whether you want to donate it or sell it).

-Place a large trash bag for papers and other trash or recycleables.

- Go through desks, drawers places that are likely to accumulate junk, trash etc. Decide what to keep, give or throw away.

-Go through clothing and especially those closets that like to hide things away from you! I have a box filled with clothes that I am going to sell or give away.

-Pair down your magazine collection. If you are a magazine lover like myself, you may have piles of them under your bed, in a closet? I have a huge pile I've been meaning to go through. So now I am flipping through and clipping what I want to keep in my design inspiration binder.
Binders: This system is great if you like to go back to and refer to things. I have binders for: interior design, South Africa, Inspiration/Betterment, Henry ideas (gifts, party ideas), Pilates and personal wish list (great for the hubby to peruse through if he has a hard time figuring out what to buy his wifey). I try to go through the binders often to eliminate and keep things manageable. All in all, this system really helps for my work!

- Try to recycle as much as you can!

- Go through labeled boxes. I have clear boxes that have crafty items, fabric samples, photographs, toys, letters, Henry's artwork. I took a quick peruse through those just to see if I could pair down. Some, but not much.

- Pair down toy collection. No point on keeping those cars whose tires are missing or somehow have been COMPLETELY dimolished.

Somehow, just writing this all out makes me feel that much more organized. However, there is still the garage AND basement. Wish me luck!

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