Wednesday, April 8, 2009

3 more sleeps!

Just got off the phone with my sister. I can't wait to see her! In 3 more sleeps, little Henry and I are getting on the plane to go see her and my niece Norah in San Diego. YAY! We are going to celebrate Norah's 8th birthday!! Yikes, time is flying fast I can't believe she is nearing 10!! Her birthday is on the 12th which happens to be Easter Sunday. I'm sad that my honey husband will be staying behind here in Boulder this go round.:( But perhaps he'll get up to some good cycling with his buddies this weekend as well as work on some of the various projects that are hanging over his head (hint hint..well he doesn't read my blog much so I'm sure no offense will be taken, hee hee).
We moved from San Diego back in September and I haven't been back since. So I am excited to see my ol stomping grounds as well as meet up with some friends too. We'll see how much I can actually jam pack in 5 days (will fly fast I'm sure). My mommy will be there too! She is flying in from Washington DC to be with us girls and her grandkids (too bad my bro Rob can't make it too then she'd have all her kittens with her).
On my list to go, see and do are:
Jimmy Carter's Cafe (one of the best Mexican restaurants in SD)- Their tortilla soup is OH SO GOOD!
Cafe Chloe- mmmmmmmmmmm, delicious french decadence. I wish my house looked like this place.
Bread & Cie,-yet another decadent spot for cafe and the best biscotti (too bad I've cut gluten out)
hmm so far most of these have been food institutions...yes, I like food. Lots.
Trader Joe's- tis a shame they don't have this grocery store here in Colorado. I love it and will do a big shop to ship back to Boulder (yes I do that).
Water's Fine Catering- Besides the fact that my friend Andrew is the executive director and chef of this scrumptuous establishment, the FOOD IS DIVINE. I get so many ideas from their daily menu's especially now that I can't coast down the road to their market to pick up dinner. His wife, my good friend Heidi is the graphic designer of this beautiful website! (note: As I write out my blog, I'm chilling out the music that plays on the Water's website, groovy chill jazz).
Rustic Rooster, the cutest cottage interior design shop up in Encinitas.
India Ink, a fantastic stationery store with the best paper and pens as I collect em. (Yes, sister I have admitted this fact. I am a penaholic as well as a pencilaholic. And I love the smell of paper too)
Seaside Papery- ok, yes another paper store. I am addicted. Need to see whats on show.
Hillside Artisans
(when it first opened I thought it was a craft store)- is such a great kids clothing and toy store right in my old neighborhood. The owner, Karen has managed to fill her shop with such excellent must have's. Most of Henry's shoes came from there as well as some of his cute wooden toys.
SeaWorld- oh yes, I am embarressed to say that in the FIVE years we lived in San Diego, I never went to Sea World. Very excited although I am a bit worried about seeing such a LARGE whale in such a small body of water. As much as it is so wonderful for kids to learn about animals through places like the ZOO (San Diego Zoo is the best in the world) and SeaWorld, I can't get over that these animals are held captive and behind gates and walls. However, I do realize these are also great places to help build in numbers those animals that are going extinct.
The La Jolla Tide Pools- Oh this is such a great stretch of beach in San Diego. It is a quite area nestled amongst some of the best houses in SD (most of them are cottages that remind me of Hansel and Gretal...although there are a handful of ugly as sin mcmansions that are built of cheap drywall and plastic framed window-ICK)!

Any who, I do realize I've got some busy days ahead. Bring it on, I am looking forward to it! Do I realize that I even have some work engagements to go to? You won't have to pull my leg to go, as I love my boss! Am meeting with Jo, the creator and owner of Commandos, the company I do marketing and sales for. Looking forward to our girl pow wow!
As I look over my list, I realize this is a mini 'What to see in San Diego.' So for you travelers out there who plan on a visit to San Diego, please check out these sites! I will always enjoy going back to San Diego for a visit, but must admit am glad that I am not living there (excluding the fact that I wish I was closer to my sissy again, I miss her to bits).

Have a wonderful rest of your week!
*note: Tide Pools image is from San Diego Coast Life

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