Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What I am dreaming of....

Today I decided to write my list of things that I am dreaming of doing (this is my start as I don't think I can think of all those things in one sitting) I feel this exercise can help me in so many ways. Finding and acknowledging ones passions and desires will help me accomplish what I need to today so that I can look forward to what's to come! It's good to have a list so that you can refer to it (especially on those days where you feel unmotivated, disillusioned or whatever) You can list things you want to accomplish, learn, do, see, etc. I got the idea off of tranquilista's blog, Kimberly Wilson, yogini and life coach extrodinaire. She is very inspiring! For those who live in DC or will be passing through, you should check out her beautiful studio Tranquil Space Yoga, in Dupont (she also has one in Bethesda and in Arlington)

I am dreaming of:
being the best mommy I can possibly be
hiking to the top of mt kilimanjaro
helping people move better, efficiently and pain free
running a business with my husband
writing a book
teaching more Pilates workshops
taking a cooking class
planting a flower cutting garden
creating a photography coffee table art book of my own images
running a marathon
becoming a designer
learning integrative manual therapy, IMT
making a difference
being more consistent
establishing more stability
becoming more efficient in my daily tasks
doing a mediation retreat
packing the family to live in tuscana for a year.
speaking italian and french-fluently.
traveling to South Africa more frequently and for longer stints
revamping a house
creating a line of organic bedding
having more children
getting my yoga certification
finding more clarity in my individuality
balancing my individuality with being mother and wife...oh so hard.
Yes, more to come!

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