Thursday, April 2, 2009


Tuesday was our 8 year anniversary! Yikes, 8 years. I have to say it certainly doesn't feel as though we've been married that long, which is a good thing, I know. As much as one goes through the ebs and flows of a marriage, I am such a lucky in love girl with her prince charming. He planned our evening with sorting out a play date for Henry so that we could have a romantic dinner together sans le bebe. Needless to say it was an early evening as we had to pick up our sleepy child from our friends house. But the delight was that we actually got to go on a date!
Our special eve involved dining at a delicious new restaurant here in Boulder called Arugula. Pretty much everything about it was yummyingly divine, the food, the wine, the decor and the people. We dined on lamb and polenta, grilled calamari bathed in the most delicious lemon sauce, prosciutto and teleggio cheese with, of course, arugula. We finished with a large mixed green salad with asparagus!This 'mmmm' food was accompanied with a yummy red from Montepulciano. The topper was a molton chocolate cake and cappuccino! Yes, so good that my belly was oh so full! Thank you my Dean love for a wonderful 8 and look forward to forever.

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