Thursday, April 23, 2009

Budding artiste

I gave Henry his first sketch book in June 2008. Barely able to hold a pencil much less a canyon, we started this artistic endeavor. This was done to satisfy my desire to see what creative potential my child possesses. Henry has filled two sketch books with 'cars', 'trains' and other such things with tracks. He has slapped numerous stickers and has done quite a few lovely abstract pieces. So much fun to see. So far our artistic time has been limited to drawing with pencils and crayons as well as play doh (which is partly due to the fact that I myself as a creative person is going through a heavily dried up period. Got to get those creative juices flowing). I am looking forward to embarking on paints (am slightly fearful of the mess...I know, silly). However, spring is here and we can take all that art outside!

Very first sketch books



Since Henry has been going to Boulder Bilingual Childcare, Pati has been organizing various creative projects. Some signify the change in season, holidays and some just to introduce the children to something new. He has painted, planted, dyed and drawn. It is so fun to see what he comes home with. This stage of his development is so fascinating, ever changing and at times quite physically draining for this mama too!
I've posted a few pics of his various projects!

Finger painting


painted egg

*sorry for the poor photo quality. I'm uploading pics from my blackberry as my digital is BROKEN*

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