Monday, April 6, 2009

Clearing Clutter

Spring is round the corner and I am feeling as though some much needed cleaning both physically AND mentally is in order!
I am in the process of setting up my Pilates business website, (not live yet so you won't find anything yummy there yet). Am very stoked about it and am taking my time to put it together in a cohesive manner. Aside from bits about my classes, as well as my background, I will have my professional Pilates blog attached to that site. This is where you will get insights of the benefits, exercises to do at home, quick tips and so on. I'd like to have this pro blog be more specific to Pilates and Wellness versus the personal bits I like to spew on the screen at this blog.
These changes will help me organize my thoughts and keep concise as I have about 3 other websites and businesses in mind that I would be keen on starting someday in the near future. *head spins round and round at this notion*
So will keep you up to date on the launch of my site.
My plans for the week is to SPRING CLEAN and clear out the clutter (aka get rid of my piles of paper). Organizing and cleaning my space, de-cluttering the office, and other parts of the house as well as simplifying my thoughts by getting it all down on a piece of paper as a list of to do's. Maybe I should take cues from Peter Walsh over at Oprah and make a "messyhouse" pledge. I must commit!
As for the Pilates biz, some really exciting news is that I will be giving a chat in May or June to a great group of women cyclists on the benefits of Pilates for their riding (core strength will improve balance and efficiency on the bike as well as improve their endurance). Can't wait as I am looking forward to working with a committed group of gals who are passionate about their sport (whether a novice or elite). The group is called Venus de Miles and they are a women's cycling club here in Boulder. They also host a ride in the summer (this year is on the 30th of August) which benefits Greenhouse Scholars, an organization providing mentorship and scholarship support to high-performing, under-resourced students. Yesterday I went to a spinning class organized by the group. It was awesome! Looking forward to linking in with them. Too bad I just sold my bike (which means I will just have to build a new one)! Ha ha.

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