Monday, April 20, 2009

Bring it ON!

Alrighty! Am back to the blogging program here! We had a BLAST in SD, it was too short and a bit of a whirlwind. Here are a few more pics of Henry and Norah hamming it up at the beach in La Jolla, one of my fave places.

Posing for the camera!

A little bit model and a little bit 'cheese!'

Once we arrived to the beach, Henry could not get out of the car fast enough..."Beach, beach" he cried out loud. "BEACH!" We scurried down the sand dune and quickly threw our stuff down. Henry nearly threw himself right into the ocean. Had I not been holding his arm with my death grip, my child would have been adopted by a family of dolphins. Did I mention he doesn't swim? He surely thinks he can! Not only is he fearless of the water, but he doesn't mind the ice cold freezing temps of the pacific ocean. I'm really amazed his lips didn't turn the color purple!
It was a warm gorgeous sunny day and we had fun fun fun!
We are looking forward to our return trip in June when Norah has her first communion. Which I am hoping for like a two week adventure.
Had Dean daddy been there with us, I am sure we would have figured out a way to stay for a few more days but we were missing him! I managed to do as much of the 'to see' and 'to do's' but we backed out of Sea World. A bit bummed about that for Hen's sake as I know he would have loved it. We boarded the plane and called Dean to let him know that we were on the plane. He mentioned that we might not want to get on it as the weather in Denver was ICKY! Yes, snow, rain and slosh. Oh I nearly got off. Despite the plock weather we were having in Colorado, it only lasted 48 hours and my grass is now a beautiful green. Sunday was a stunning warm day! As I sipped on strawberry lemonade vodka's on the deck of my friends house, it was hard to believe that the day before we were cold and bundled in our coats! Silly weather we have here in Colorado. Forecast for this week, GORG...bring it on!

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