Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's Raining, it's pouring....

Well it's not quite pouring or at least for now. But it has been raining off and on for what seems like weeks. It's been chilly and at times really quite cold, enough to want to put the HEAT on.

I've been drinking cup loads of THIS.

So with this funny weather, comes outdoor play with our frog boots on as well as more indoor play. We have been keeping busy with baking, art projects and running laps in the basement. Thank GOD for our basement. We turn up the tunes, throw balls and jump off my Pilates equipment. SO fun! I must admit, I am exhausted.

(I hesitated this, but then I thought..what the hell)

Mouth Full of batter.

Park-time in our Froggy Wellies

Art Time-painting a box for Daddy (an egg carton)
Note Elmo sitting with Hen. He is all sorted with his "smock" and paint brush too!
Henry is wearing his gorgeous little handmade smock from our Aussie friend Jodi, it 's from

More Painting (I'm loving the color! Too
bad my digital is broken..resorting to the blackberry)

Opps! We somehow got a hold of "King" from Cars

So all in all. We've been having fun despite the bizarro weather. But I must add that at least our water levels are up around here..(Colorado is known for droughts and fires).
Next week, we will be in San Diego. Can't wait! Norah, my niece is having her first Communion. After the ceremony (not sure what it's called as I wasn't raised Catholic, even though I was baptized one), we are going to the Hotel Del for Lunch!

Will be a week of some fun festivities, wrapped with a little biz with Commandos, too!

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Sarah said...

San Diego palm trees and beaches await - love the Henry posts. He is such a doll! Can't wait to see you - by the way its just called First Communion.

xoxo SBC in SD