Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The bridge to.....

Not sure yet. So the proposal is sent off and I wait. Waiting is definitely hard to do as is any transition to the next step. Instead of getting overly heady and stressed about what's to come, I am keeping busy with house projects and summer fun activities with Henry.
I am thinking about having a garage sale, I love giving them as I get quite siked up about purging out all the junk that starts to accumulate. Where does Henry get all those darn trucks and cars from? Visits at friends, gifts from family members, our weekly shop at Target ( he wishes), you name it! Hoping it will be a successful one.
Another fun way I recently got rid ofsome things, was a clothing swap (you can get rid but also come home with something "new"). Last Saturday I hosted my first Clothing Swap with my girlfriends. Our friends invited friends. They brought clothing they were tired of, no longer wore or just wanted to rid themselves of. This is a great way to recycle and reuse. After some wine and hors d'oeuvres on the patio we headed to the living room and started to look over each others stuff. It was so fun and everyone made off with something "new!" Will have to host another one of those in the future. Twas successful..I made off with a very cool white leather bracelet, a skirt, a shirt and 2 pairs of brand-spanking new shoes (must have been impulse purchases).

Was just doing some research on Clothing Swaps and came across a plethora of sites.....

Did you know that people are swapping clothing at special scheduled EVENTS across the country? Check out www.clothingswaps.com Wow there is a mecca of this out there. Also there is a site called SwapStyle Where you trade with women online all over the world! Had no idea there was this out there. Very interesting!

Tomorrow I should know more about the outcome of this proposal, please hold thumbs or cross your fingers for me!

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