Wednesday, June 17, 2009

San Diego Weekend Highlights

Despite my rant about "un-sunny" California, we had a blast! Of course the last two days that we were there the sun came out! YAY for sun. I swear it seems that there is not much sun shining around the states these days. Tons of rain and overcast in Colorado and hear that the upper east coast (including DC) has had loads of rain. Where's our summer? Well, despite my rant, the rain is good. WE NEED IT!
San Diego was great! Dean and I decided that it is a place we enjoy to go on holiday, but can't see ourselves living there again (sorry sissy poo, I still miss you stacks). Our holiday of course consisted of a lot of running around to do various errands for my mom, sister and I. But we also got up to some dinner parties, beach time and visits with friends too! The most important reason we were there was for Norah's special event. I am so happy that we were able to be there to support her at her First Communion which was lovely. All these little people decked out for this special rite of passage. Norah was gorgeous!

Norah was given this rosary by my mom
which had been given to her at her Confirmation.

So sweet!

Henry posing as he eats candy in church
(naughty boy, who gave that to you)!

Posing in the garden

Norah and "girlie" the cat, posing.

After the ceremony, we had lunch reservations over at the Hotel Del. The day was gorgeous, so we were very excited about sitting outside for our lunch. Despite the lack of excellent service, the food was DELICIOUS!

Having eaten all his strawberries, he moved onto
his favorite, grilled cheese (love the bib)!

Norah gives a toothy grin while sipping down her smoothie.

After lunch, we headed down to the beach. Coronado has the most gorgeous beaches. They are clean and quite expansive ( I think they must be man-made). Henry could not get out of his seat quick enough to go see the beach (put an emphasis on the "ch" of beach as this is how Henry pronounces it). "Yay, beach! It's the beach! Going to the beach! Go swim in the beach!" said Henry.

Norah found loads of seaweed. This was particularly
beautiful and she enjoyed dancing with it too!

She pointed out that an urchin was growing on it!

Henry made it into the water pretty quickly. After having
jumped in literally with his clothes on. Thank goodness I brought his swim trunks!

Lots of running in and out of the water. He does not realize that he can't swim. The kid has no fear.

Really liked this pic as it reminds me a bit of
my sister Sarah (her mother).

Dean took this pic of Hen and I. It is one of very few pics that I remotely like of
myself (perhaps maybe because henry is covering half my face). Having little sleep, the stress, that I've got going on these days does not make for a photogenic Kate.

After a delayed flight on Monday night we got home around midnight. Since we've been home, we've been sleeping, sleeping and recovering from PINK EYE! Yikes, not sure how Henry contracted that, but am thinking it must have been from the plane? Airport? Poor baba, woke this morning with his eyes glued shut. He was a very brave boy and managed to sit still while I put a warm washcloth on both eyes. Icky goop! He is resting up and on antibiotics. He'll be contagious free when we get back on the plane. Next stop Friday, we head to New Jersey to visit our friends in Princeton, then onto to DC. Very excited about this upcoming trip as it will be very defining for us. Will be sure to tell you more as things progress. For now, I keep quiet!

Glad to be back in blogging land. Hope I can get two more posts in before we go! Check back, ok.


Cammie said...

thanks for stopping by on my SITS day and the compliment on my daughter's name. I would love to take credit for it but my hubby picked it out.

whatever....I still birthed her!

Sprite, the odd dog. said...

are you home again this summer? We will get Will and Henry in the pool together - Will is a FISH and freedives/spearfishes barefoot in the ocean. He will get henry swimming!

Gorgeous pics love!