Thursday, June 11, 2009

Un-sunny California

Well, it has been possibly a week since I last blogged. Been gearing up for family engagements in San Diego and Washington DC. So much going on and I can barely keep up with all the activity at the moment (Henry too, is keeping me on my toes as well, where does all this energy come from)?

We are in un-sunny San Diego til Monday night for my niece Norah's First Communion. Since we arrived on Tuesday, it has been NON STOP doing! And I'm exhausted! Not complaining, but at the moment I am doing whatever I can to hold my eyelids up!
Will be back on schedule this coming week, if not before, as I might be able to squeeze a few more sessions on the computer here before we head home. Hoping the sun will come out as well as this overcast weather makes me very sleepy.
Stay Tuned blogger buddies!

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