Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yes, take charge mom!

I just got this great article from a friend of mine about becoming a take charge mom, by creating boundaries and setting limits (so that your kids don't walk all over you). We had just been chatting on the phone last week about our 2 year olds. We had a good ol time discussing the whines, screams, and persistence of our toddlers and how we try to handle them. We both seem to be having a difficult time with the play date thing. Having a friend over to play can be such a exhausting endeavor. I'd like to think it will be lots of fun where the mommies can have uninterrupted chat while their children play together like angels. Well, it isn't always like that (sometimes play date ends in tears, mommies can't deal, friends go home).
We are rolling through a phase (and please let this phase pass QUICK as we are just starting to see light at the end of the tunnel). Henry sometimes has a hard time having others over to play as it means they get to play with his toys. Hmm... not always so sure about this, especially when it comes to his 'special' toys!
Sharing is a concept that a 2 year old has a real hard time grasping. After failed attempts with using the word 'sharing,' I've moved onto, "Let's let Bobby have a turn with the tow truck. Taking turns is a lot more fun, isn't it?" I say with a lot of excitement. "Yes!" Henry says with excitement and then starts to show some fear as he hands the toy over to his friend. It starts to set in that he will get the toy back, and this makes this whole stress a little bit easier. Most of the time, he forgets all about the darn tow truck he couldn't let go of and is on to the next big thing. Ah the life of a mommy with a toddler. Wow isn't it so true that our children teach us such valuable lessons? Although the setting is usually a bit hair raising and can really burn your nervous system. Right now, I am on "Patience 101!" How about you?

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