Friday, May 1, 2009

update on the barking seal...

Last week I took Henry to the doctor to get his bark(cough)looked into. As mentioned in my post, Henry doesn't get the coughing fits or gasping for air. However, when he does go to cough, it is quite loud, dry and deep.
We started Henry on the nebulizer last Saturday and gave him one dose of albuterol. Right after that moment (he had no problems putting the mask on), I felt that this wasn't the right thing to do at this point. His funny sounding cough doesn't keep him from being active, playful or aggressive, it is just that there are times right after being active that he might need to cough (not to get mucus up as his cough is dry). Hmm...regardless a cough is a cough and it does need to be addressed. For now, I think instead of taking albuterol, I will take him to a pediatric cardio-pulmonologist and have them do some tests. My husband gets a kick outta the idea of getting Henry on the treadmill and hooked to a VO2 test. Dean is a triathlete and he likes these kinds of things..Another option is to have him tested for some allergies. Any who, we will get down to this little mystery. Will keep you posted.


Shannon said...

First... I hope Henry is feeling better by now!

2nd... I haven't received an email from you regarding my Hometown Swap (or if you have sent one, I can't find it... sorry!) If you're still interested in participating, please send me your info!


Kirsty said...

Hi Kate! I understand why it seems odd to medicate him when he doesn't appear sick... and I have to say, that I agree that a nebuliser at night does not sound beneficial, unless he has night time "barking" that is disturbing his sleep. However - he does sound like he may have mild asthma - for 2 reasons:
1.) A dry, non productive cough is a cardinal sign of asthma
2.) His x-ray showed hyper-inflated lungs, which could indicate asthma
But that said, if he's not having full blown asthma attacks, then why medicate?
I think you are wise to seek a second opinion! Let us know how the appointment goes!
I have an award for you on my blog!
Go and check it out! x