Monday, May 18, 2009


We are trying very hard to have this soother come to we want to help break bad habits sooner rather later. We've now managed to keep it to night time sleep and some naps. I'm having some reservations (of course) as it does its job well in soothing him, especially on those eves when he is winding up vs winding down. And well frankly, he LOVES his nay nay. He would have it morning noon and night if he could. He likes to suck. He did it while in my uterus (had one of those 3D/4D videos done and there he was sucking away and with out his thumb in his mouth). Needless to say, I had no problems with him latching once he was out of my uterus. Nursing wasn't a battle (except for having super red sore nipples in the first month or two of his life).

Notice in these photos that mr henry doodle has a 'nay nay' (aka pacifier or dummy for those in Queen motherlands) in his mouth AND a 'nay nay' lodged between his nose and the other nay. The nay lodged under nose is there for sniffing, yes I said "sniffing." It is definitely a calming cozy thing for him to do. He doesn't do the double nay nay consistently, only when he is just about to sleep or right when he wakes. This is DEFINITELY my child (in case you are wondering) as I was a major thumb sucker who sucked one thumb and then lodged the other under my nose to sniff. Hmmmm. Had no idea DNA would go that far when it can time to imprint my silly habits onto my offspring.

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Em said...

Oh, sweet boy! My Youngest (just turned 3) is a paci jonser as well. He calls it his "ma."

We had 4. Last week he agreed to "mail" them to the babies that needed them. He even walked the envelope to the mailbox. At bedtime he wanted the babies to send his Ma back!!!!

So this Mama broke down, and told him they sent him 1 back. Lord help me when that one breaks.

A little late, but wanted to officially welcome you to SiTS. I hope your trip to Sewanee was wonderful. I grew up in Atlanta and had some very good friends go there for college. Sounded gorgeous! Em