Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Long weekend over, a new begins

I hope you had a lovely long Memorial day/weekend whether your flags were a flyin high or you had an epic barbecue or pool party with your family and friends. Perhaps you took on this weekend to kick off the summer by heading to the beach for the weekend? We managed to hightail it outta Boulder for three nights to the family ranch. Despite the fact that it was raining, we had a wonderful time (in the mud).

Thank goodness for the frog wellipets (his boots)!

This child LOVES mud and rocks.

Mud, dirt and lightening = BOY HEAVEN

Henry's addiction continues to be Lightening McQueen (oh and let's NOT forget Thomas the train too)...the one in the pic is actually a bubble bath container. He saw it at Tarjay (Target) and HAD to have it. Immediately I took out the bath gel as it not only smelled disgusting, but I did not want to have bubble bath gel all over the house. Hen has taken the back left wheel off (can't see here in the pic). He likes this as it simulates the part in the beginning of the 'Cars' movie where Lightening looses his wheels (they explode as he has ridden around the track numerous times without changing them). Needless to say, Hen loves destroying his cars. He has taken most of the wheels and tires off of his vehicles (remind me to upload a pic of Henry's collection of wheels/tires). We have collected all of them and put them away for a later time when he hits the stage where he'll want to 'fix' all his cars (clever mama).

Needless to say...We are now entering 'toddler defiancy stage.'
Mmm.., loving it (nothing a marguerita can't solve)!

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