Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Day Sissy!

It is the 19th of May and my sister Sarah's birthday!

Happy Day to you sissy poo!

For the past 5 years we had been blessed with spending birthdays together as we lived a mere b
lock from each other in San Diego. Then this past September, Dean, Hen and I moved back to Boulder.

boo hoo sissy poo wish I were there to make you cupcakes :(
So sad that I am not there to celebrate you and honor yet another year of your sisterly wisdom!

I have two siblings, a younger brother Robert (aka bubby) and Sarah my OLDER sister who, through her lovingly annoying-ness, to this very day LOVES to tell me what to do!

I really don't mind her unsolicited assvice. Sister's are special b/c you know they'll tell you whatever is on their minds cause they can and regardless we'll always be sisters!

What to do sissy poo? What I am going to do when I have another baby? I'll need you!! You are the best doula (who isn't a doula, but should be)!

Sarah is one of those take charge women who will get you to focus even if they are pulling images outta the sky to get you to concentrate....how about the melting wax image...your cervix is melting like wax? melting, melting. Loved it and well as ya know it worked!
Sarah was the rockstar in there during my delivery, and my honey husband was too, I might add, as I am not sure what I would have done without shoulders to sit on (bizarre image but one day I'll write a post about the delivery of Henry David Kruuse). Any who back to the sissy poo....
There was a point when I was so transfixed on her eyes and so in another world of pain that I completely had an out of body experience. I was there but I wasn't, starring into her eyes as my insides seemed to be rupturing. God the pain. She got me through that delivery, hell she was a cheerleader who got me to believe that I CAN do this thing called motherhood, I CAN! She cheered throughout my pregnancy and post when Henry was just a little newbie. I love my sister!

With all my ups and downs ins and outs and all arounds, your words of sisterly experience and ass-vice is always accepted with an open ear (most usually).
I love you for it

(will never forget you telling me about the birds and the bees as mom is too proper to tell us those things..THANK GOD for older sisters)!

Sister, you hold a big place in my heart and I love you to bits. Despite living in different cities (we can pretend our bums touch...silly sister's), I still rely on you to be there to tell me what to do, when to do it and how, OK? LOVE you love you love you! Happy Day!

Love your sister xoxo

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Sarah said...

I LOVE YOU TOO! Thanks for my B-Day wishes. Wish I had a cake with some "cakels" right about now.

With you so far I have no one to eat dinner with (besides Norah of course. . . )
With you so far I don't have anyone who will pick up a carton of milk at the store while they are there.
With you so far I have no one to "trade kids" with.
With you so far I have no one to discuss the latest news in the intellectual journal, US Magazine.
With you so far when I cry I cry alone.
With you so far I cannot smell the baby neck of my nephew whom I love so.
With you so far I have no one to tell me that I need to change my outfit.
With you so far I can't borrow your husband to look at my broken car
With you so far I have no one to complain to.
With you so far I can no longer know how well (or not so well) you are doing - telecommunications just doesn't cut it.
With you so far I have had to change my dreams and aspirations which has been scary (what do you mean, your moving back to Colorado? weren't we supposed to live nearby one another forever?)
but I will be stronger for it. And you will find your own way whether it be in Colorado or in Casablanca.
Love You So! Sarah