Thursday, May 28, 2009

Friday is tomorrow, REALLY?

Oh hell, is tomorrow really Friday? Not that I am complaining as the weekends are always the two consecutive days I get to be with both my guys (little guy and big guy). The short week has thrown me a bit, and I am exhausted.
Today was an epic day with Hen hen. It was adventures abound. Turn a corner and you'll never know what just hit ya. Perhaps it was the playdoh that trailed through the kitchen or the wrapped gift that was meant for your sister, but your child got a hold of and tore it to bits. Or how about catching your son with your makeup bag and opened lipstick which ended up all over his adorable embroidered bedding....hmmm....doesn't seem like enough action so lets add in the pee stain on the guest bed duvet (sorry guests, I'll be sure to have it drycleaned b/4 you come over for a visit). The doozey is the NO NAP. Yes, my little sleeper of a child DID NOT NAP TODAY! What?
On the flip side, Henry and I had an awesome afternoon at the park with my college friend Jen who is in town for a wedding. We picked her up at her hotel, grabbed a chai and headed to the park for some much needed running around.
My day ended teaching a wonderful group of women cyclists the powers of Pilates (will post what was taught in class soon. Slackin in my Pilates posts at the moment) . Class was a blast! Now off to bed. Buona Notte!

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