Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I haven't had any time to think about the very fact that I am going away this weekend sans le bebe. Oui, sans le bebe!
I have had so much on my mind lately (work, home, life, etc) that I haven't really acknowledged that I will be without husband and child this weekend. On Friday afternoon, i am going to get on a plane to see my cousin Sam graduate from Sewanee ( a great college in the hills of Tennessee). I've never been there before so it will be a nice adventure for me. I land in Nashville, my aunts come pick me up and then we drive to Sewanee. The weekend will be filled with dinner parties, events and ceremonies. It'll be nice to have some uninterrupted adult conversation as well.
Of course I will miss my baby and am already experiencing some mommy guilt. But I know that this little time away for me will be quite good for my well being (as well as for Henry's as he will get to spend some quality time with Dean daddy). I do realize I need a little pick me up, some time away to step out of the box and look into my life. I feel as though I am entering into another chapter of my life where I am juggling my own individuality with being a wife and mother. Do you ever have these moments where you step away to re-collect, to nurture oneself, to survey things in your life? Funny enough this happens to fall on mother's day weekend.

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Alison said...

Le Bebe will not remember this, he is too little. And after 14 years I can PROMISE you that a Mamacation is necessary.

LOVE that we reconnected after all these years sunshine!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE ya!