Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two down one to go!

Oh man! This is a no good, very bad day! I've contracted the sickness. Aches are ever present with spells of hot and cold. Not good. To top it off I am still in my pj's and have bad breath (not a very pretty mama today, no). I feel quite badly for little Hen, but fortunately he hasn't had any fevers today, but just a REALLY runny nose. Poor little bugger. Can't say I feel sorry for myself, just annoyed cause I am not being very productive today (I don't do sick well as I am not a napper. There's just too much to do in a day). However, I did manage to make bubbles with Henry, pay some bills and took a 45 minute nap (teaser really). Called Dean daddy to come home early to help me with the baba as I feel like I not being the fun attentive mama (ok, am feeling a bit sorry for myself). Tomorrow = new day.


Mel said...

Hey, just checked out your profile pic, you are one hot mama, even if you have smelly breath.
I always admire pilates ladies with your awesome bodies but I have never done a class.

kate said...

Pilates and surfing go excellent together! You should try it out one day. You're one to talk, hot mama, surfing in a bikini and all! :)