Friday, March 20, 2009

South Africa CALLS!

Definitely a traveler transient type and definitely love traveling to SA! SO very very excited as my sis in law Judy is getting married in December!!! YAY! Congrats to you little sis! She and her hubby to be, Neil, make a very adorable couple. This means that we will be going to South Africa for Christmas this year. Can't can't wait! We try to get to SA every year but it always manages to set us back financially as it is not only such a far place to travel to but costly tickets! This past year we skipped out on a trip to Africa as we moved from San Diego to Boulder Colorado. Which was an adventure in itself. Now that we are settled back in good ol Boulder, I am looking forward to getting back to the motherland (I like to think it is my motherland). There is such a vibe in that country, it is very difficult to describe, but bottom line, my heart is there in that country. Not just for it's land, people, cultures, food and the like, but for something more internal or maternal. It stumps me. For all the crime, social and economic issues SA has and had over the many years, in my mind this country has a lot going for itself (some may disagree with me on this, but I am an optimist). Opportunities do knock in this country. I have a huge interest in art and design. And as I see it, the art culture in this country is so strong and progressive. People don't have to be safe here when it comes to art. It's cutting edge (all forms, dance, film, design etc). Take the interior design field (which is an addiction of mine), I read all the South African interior design mags and think how broad and open it is. There is a sense of opportunity and freedom in its execution and perhaps this is because SA had been held and stifled and cut off from the rest of the world during apartheid. now its skies the limit and less controlled? very ahead yet very organic. Ahh, I could on and on and .....more on that in another post. Any who, I am excited now that we have something as wonderful as a wedding to look forward to as well as to see all our family and friends! Now I better get back to the chain gang so we can actually afford our tickets (no credit card debt accumulation this go around).


La Mom said...

HI! Just found you via my blog. Thanks!
I would love to visit SA. I know a few SAs here in Paris and I love the SA accent. Maybe it's even sexier than a French accent!

kate said...

Thanks for commenting! I'm quite enjoying your blog as Paris is of course (like many out there) one of my fave places, despite the poop, frowns and fags (cigarettes)! 16th arrondissement is such a lovely hood. Bois de Boulogne et al! Yes, I'll dream about living there while I read your posts. SA is a beautiful country and you must make a visit one day, but not by way of air france, pleeese. been there done that and customer service on the overnight delay SUCKED (while pregnant too) bonus though was the overnight..and I managed to high tail it outta of Charles de Gaulle and took the train into the city...I could go on! Mmmm yes, do love the south african accent. Although hearing a french accent while having a vocally descriptive meal(as in food)is ooh la la! xoxo

Kirsty said...

Great post! I am passionate to be back in my "mother-country" after an 11 year stint in the UK!
Hey - just had a gr8 idea! Hows about you come live here, and we can open up a business together?? You be the Pilates rehab person, and me the physio! Sounds a good plan to me! x