Thursday, March 19, 2009

Well enough to run

What a challenging week. I am happy that tomorrow is Friday and that we will all be well for the weekend (YAY)! The hell of not only being sick, but then having to be a mom to a sick child is a challenging task. Feeling icky on top of having a clingy child who wants nothing but mommy and his 'nay nay' (pacifier that we were all doing so well weening ourselves from and now have back tracked a bit) is starting to weigh on me. BUT we all made it out alive. Fortunately Dean has yet to be sick and we are all holding thumbs that he maintains the hardcore immune system that he has. We all felt well enough that this evening when Dean daddy came home from work we managed to take Henry in the jogger and go for a beautiful trail run. We saw ducks, horses and cows which made it all the more interesting for little hen!

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